My Hair Makeover : Best Hair Salon in Las Vegas

Best Salon in Las Vegas

I know my blog is all about health and wellness but if you remember from this post where I talk about my Thai life, I am a total glam girl. I love getting my hair blown out, I love LOVE wearing makeup (as natural as possible of course) and I love SHOPPING! In my life I have gone through MANY transformations, changes and even diets, at one point in my life I was a raw vegan but I have NEVER changed my hair color. I have been bleaching my hair since I was 13 years old. Since moving to Vegas, I have been pinning images of girls with multi-dimensional blondes of all shades, fades and lengths for over six months. I never thought I could pull it off, like I said I had been the same shade of blonde for over 14 years!

I finally took a plunge and trusted Cameren Morger at Kaya Salon to do my hair makeover after seeing the beautiful color they did via Instagram (total INSPO @kayabeauty). The color combo I wanted can be done but I have seen some pretty messed up fades in my time (dip dye anyone?)

There are millions of salons here in Vegas, when I first moved here I was shocked at the amount of eyelash extension spots and hair salons which for me meant just about anyone can open a salon..I was scared, I won’t lie to you guys, I have literally been bleach blonde for over 14 years, making a change like this is SCARY! I knew I had to make the change because my hair just won’t grow, I had tried Viviscal, not washing my hair, cutting it every 6 weeks, let’s just say I am sick of clipping hair extensions in everyday. I had to take the plunge.

My Before/After Photo:

best salon las vegas

The Salon:

I die for a salon that takes me away from my everyday crazy cool lifestyle. I am literally always on my phone, laptop or in a gym training a client. My go-go-go never ends and although I have been taking meditation classes the fact I sat in a chair for 2 hours and didn’t work was astonishing. The vibe in Kaya is relaxing, spa like and I just felt so relaxed. My stylist chatted with me and educated me with exactly what she was doing. I may be informed on health and wellness but hair..not my thing. I learned that since Vegas is so hot I need to spray condition my hair daily so it stays moisturized, I needed more B vitamins to thicken my hair and to continue the no washing my hair (I wash my hair every 4-5 days EKK!) She also helped me relax, remember this is a big change for me..

best hair salon las vegas

My Experience:

The pictures say it all, I left with a total hair transformation and LOVED, absolutely LOVED the color. I felt like a new woman, and felt a bit more fierce. I never understood why getting my hair done made me feel like a new person but for some reason it just does.

Before I left, I took a little tour and found that Kaya had a SPA! A legit SPA, not a room like the other salons you visit. I wanted to stay for the rest of the day and just lounge in the separated area and get a massage! I think my next appointment will be a massage, facial and blowout, if I disappear you all know where to find me!


Why You Should Make a Change

Like I said, my life has gone through some crazy changes, ups and downs and I haven’t been focused on myself. I kind of in a way stayed in the same tank top, old shorts and squeezing my last bit of BB cream onto my brush for way too long. I needed a change, I wanted to shake things up a bit with my appearance and give myself a new look to reflect how I now feel in the inside. I was for a hot minute feeling depressed and turned upside down post moving half way across the world and now I feel fierce, fit and FABULOUS! If you feel down I suggest getting your hair done, shopping for a new outfit, getting a massage just doing something girlie for yourself, nothing like being a girl!


Check out Kaya Beauty Salon and Spa:

Best Hair Salon in Las Vegas

  • I LOVEEEEEEEE these pics of you and your hair!!! I am SO happy that it makes you feel fabulous and I can’t wait to see it in person next month – EEK!!! I’m getting my hair done with Cat when she visits in 2 weeks so we will snap you! xoxoxo Annie

    • Thank you 🙂 I can’t wait until you come it’s like all planned out in my head haha

  • Gorgeous hair! Love all the waves!
    xo Jessica

  • Very interesting. I too am going through some sort of hair growth stunt and have no idea what is going on. I have always had long fast growing hair but since I moved to a hot and humid state it’s like it doesn’t budge a millimeter! I have dyed my hair a lot in the past and had no problems with hair growth but now I barely dye it anymore and it’s just sad! I am afraid to do the no washing my hair thing bc I do have some oily hair but I’m thinking that’s because I wash it everyday religiously! What products do you use in your hair in between washes to keep it fresh and how often do you wash it now?

    • The struggle is real with that! I don’t use dry shampoo because it’s so dry here but I do suggest some dry shampoo it really amplifies your hair volume wise as well as keeps you from washing it which in turn I believe helps it Grow! I wash my hair every 5 days and use a purple shampoo and a Korean hair mask I can send it to you it’s so funny it’s like a sheep cartoon haha

  • I loveee your hair! You look beautiful! Seeing how cute you look is making me antsy to grow my locks back out again. The struggle is real!


  • Lauren

    Looks great! Sometimes a change can be just what we need!!


  • Absolutely stunning!! You look amazing! xo

  • Girl! Your hair looks amazing!!! xoxo

  • Looks amazing babe! I just got my hair done and I love it. Isn’t it the best feeling? Xo

  • A Change in hair can definitely make a change in how you feel, your transformation looks great!

    • Thank you Sarah! I feel amazing and to be honest it took me a few days to get used to the change but I’m obsessed now!!!

  • You are so hot girl! And I agree… After getting my hair done I feel like I can conquer the world 😉

    Xo, Hales |

  • Your hair looks gorgeous girlie!