I have been faced with a difficult circumstance in my life, one that has me questioning a lot about myself and my life’s purpose. One thing that never changes though is my confidence in WHO I AM, the things I LOVE to do and my priorities. Having all of these aligned is essential for health and wellbeing and I want to share with you 5 Tips to having more confidence in your body.

There are things that I do to make myself FEEL good: I lift weights, I use positive self talk, I journal with my heart and I keep people whose energy is supportive and loving. It can be hard to do sometimes, let me tell you, some days I feel bloated, some days I feel like I am not enough but I know exactly what to do to flip this negative Nancy behavior around!

5 Tips for Body Confidence this Summer

5 Tips for Body Confidence this Summer

*Stop Comparing Yourself to Others: Stop comparing your life to those on snap chat and IG because HUNNY you are not that person. The minute your social media feeds make you angry or make you feel bad about yourself stop, drop and lock that phone. Take that precious time and dive into a book that helps you grow or surround yourself around those who lift you up or make you feel inspired!

  • Tip: I most recently went through my Instagram feed and unfollowed over 100 people who were making me feel like I am not as far as them in my business or as accomplished as them in my physique, know that you are WORTHY and this is YOUR journey not theres!

*Change Your Posture: Do you tend to slouch? Did you know that body language shapes who you are? It shapes how people view you and even how you view yourself? Stand up tall, shoulders back and HEAD UP! Show the world who you are and be PROUD of it!

  • Tip: Every time you pass a mirror roll your shoulders back and put your head up, HUNNY YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

5 Tips for Body Confidence this Summer

*Practice Positive Self Talk: One thing I teach is affirmations and I find that they help everyone BECAUSE they help you take your negative talk and flip it into positive affirmations about yourself. Let yourself know you LOVE all that is YOU, let yourself know that those arms you have been working so hard on are shaping up and YOU LOVE IT and let yourself know you CLAIM your HEALTH and YOU CHOOSE to be HEALTHY and WELL!This reflects off of you and will give you some positive results not only in your fitness life but in your business, family and social as well.

  • Tip: Feel free to email me for a free affirmation or take a peek at my Fit and Fabulous 30 Day Challenge (link below) to learn how to be FIT and FEEL fabulous using affirmations and a program!

*Focus on What You Have the Power to Change: Although it may seem not true, you have a CHOICE in most things in your life. You have a choice on how you react, how you feel and how you respond.

  • Tip: Things you can change: getting off the couch and doing an ab workout instead of watching commercials, unfollowing people on Instagram who make you feel less than and changing how you see yourself using positive affirmations!

5 Tips for Body Confidence this Summer

*Have a Program: All of this seems easy enough but sometimes you need a bit more encouragement and a program on how to implement all of this into your life. I am launching my Fit and Fabulous 30 Day Challenge RIGHT NOW and I would LOVE it if you would join in and learn how to add affirmations into your life, cook healthy meals that revitalize and energize, and move your body with weight lifting workouts that you can do at HOME to get results and feel your ABSOLUTE best! The best thing is there is a support group on Facebook, me as your coach and it includes weekly coaching calls to keep you on track so that I can support you as you move along towards your goals!

  • Tip: Having a program helps you stay on track and learn how to properly implement new lifestyle changes without question. If you are interested in joining in the fun keep scrolling down for details.


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