How to Amplify Abundance with Gratitude in 3 Easy Steps

These past two weeks have been rough on me mentally, physically and emotionally. Not only did I just move from Thailand to Vegas, buy a house, redo the house and working on relaunching my business out here, my dear grandma became very ill (read more here) and I threw everything to the side to go be by her side. I learned how LIFE happens, I have been learning how to balance it all which is easier said than done and trying to keep myself together. In this whirlwind, I couldn’t have my normal AM routine of setting intentions, meditation and writing in my gratitude journal while sipping on my ACV cocktail. I was literally forcing myself awake at 5 AM just to get a workout in daily because after being with her 8 AM till 8 PM was exhausting, I had to make the choice, move or meditate.. so I picked to move everyday. I truly miss writing in my journal as it sets the tone for my day, and it is actually one of the first things I teach my coaching clients because it sets the standard for all that goes right and all that may go wrong during the day.


Two weeks without writing in my journal, I wrote in it today and let me tell you it changed my entire day and insight around! I want to share with you..

How to Amplify Abundance with Gratitude in 3 Easy Steps:

  • Buy a journal: Order one off Amazon, walk into Target and grab one that appeals to you or do what I did and stock up on a bunch at DAISO (discount Japanese store) and give them out to friends as well as have them stocked! You will run out of room faster than you know it! I personally love the little DAISO journals because they fit in my purse, backpack and they are light and without lines which I love. Sometimes I like to draw my gratitude and goals out, I am NO artist but I am a visual person so this helps me to see it and connect more with it. I actually learned this practice from Patti Dobrowolski who spoke at TEDx about how drawing what you want in life helps you manifest and visualize better. You can watch that here.

Gratitude Journal

  • Pick a Time: Are you one to spontaneously write in a journal or do you need to set aside some time? I like to start my day with a grateful attitude but some like to write at the end of their day and reflect on that days accomplishments. Whatever it may be, stick to it, this is now part of your routine. Again if you make this a to do list check off it is MEANINGLESS, make it meaningful and find a time that you feel open to connecting with gratitude. It can take as little as 1 minute to 5 minutes, just set aside the alone/quiet time. Get comfortable with the idea of being grateful for what you have. Whether you are sitting in a mansion or a small shared space you should express gratitude for it. In the age of social media it can be EASY to compare yourself to those around you but how do you know if that new car is really there own, if you have hard time seeing the positive maybe you should take a social media cleanse.
  • Connect Emotion with what you Write: This is the BIGGEST part of the 3 steps, you can skip the journal and time if you don’t plan to connect your feelings with whatever you are grateful for. Don’t just write random things down, really give it thought, make sure you truly feel grateful for whatever it is you are most grateful for! This is not a quick thank you to be polite, taking the time to do this means you gotta SHOW up for it! Just stating gratitude is never enough, you have to feel it, you have to connect your emotions with it. Are you grateful that you and a friend laughed for an hour on the phone? Are you grateful that got learned a lesson during a hard time in your life? Connect what you write down how you feel about that person, place or thing. They say making gratitude vibes towards people is the best but I personally say gratitude to even the smallest things in life!

There is no right or wrong way to take up gratitude journaling. Make it a meaningful habit and show up for yourself, no one else is going to do it!

SO I wanna know..

  • Do you keep a gratitude journal?
  • Do you meditate?

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