Should You Weigh Yourself Everyday?
When you wake up in the morning, do you step on a scale?

I hate to tell you to throw out your scale but do it right now! Ditch that scale STAT!

As human beings it can be easy to let numbers, media and our environments/surroundings control us and our feelings. It can be easy to hop on the latest diet trend, try a fast or head into the latest workout class that promises quick results even if we want to scream and dislike every minute of it. It is easy to go into that circle of trying the latest diet and workout, giving up, getting back on track and falling back into Dr. google.

Right now is the time to get out of the black hole and focus on yourself as a healthy and whole individual.

Instead of dropping into the unknown let us start by having you ask yourself some questions.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen, old school, ask yourself aloud these questions and write down whatever answer comes to mind.

What is your focus on in terms of your health? Are you more fixated on the number on the scale, or are you focused on eating foods that better serve you and your body? Are you focused on finding an exercise that fulfills you and gets you wanting to go back for more, or are you focused on finding the latest exercise that came out of Hollywood?

These are questions that need to be asked because if you want to start seeing results from your hard work, you need to realize that feeling good while making these decisions and efforts is key to keeping the weight off for good and the ultimate to developing habits that will last a lifetime.

Why You Need to Ditch The Scale TODAY!

  • Conversations with Yourself: Looking in the mirror and pointing out the ugly, flabby bits and areas you hate are not going to move your forward on your weightloss journey. You must find the love inside of your body. If you have had children, you should be grateful that your body was able to grow a human being! Find what you love about your body, your curves, your smile, your belly button and just focus on those parts of you. When we love ourselves our outer appearance automatically brightens and we automatically make more loving decisions for ourselves.

Why You Need to Ditch the Scale

  • Practice Self Love: Just like you need to switch the conversations you are having in your head, you need to start taking care of yourself. After I leave the salon after a fresh blowout and manicure I feel like a million bucks. This is my way of giving myself self love and helping me to feel my best. For some it can be as simple as taking a nice relaxing bath, lighting a sweet scenting candle and just closing your eyes. It doesn’t matter what you do that makes you feel like you are taking care of yourself but you need to do it and do it regularly. Living in Thailand taught me to do this, I wrote about my experience here.
  • Move Everyday: Fitness is everywhere. There are bootcamps popping up all over, mommy and me classes that combine babies and mommies for a full body workout and there is just about everything and anything you can think of as far as classes go. Class hop for a month or two until you find that teacher and class that you look forward to attending. Bring a friend with you and make exercising fun or grab your kids and race the park! If getting out of the house is a bit too difficult there are at home workout programs like my Fit and Fabulous 30 Day Challenge that require a few pieces of equipment and you can do everything at your home! The most important thing is to just MOVE so plan on doing it daily and make the best of it!

How to Lose Weight

  • Focus on Nourishment vs. Calories: 500 calories of junk food is not the same as 500 calories of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and proteins coming from natural sources. Sure a calorie is a calorie, but when you nourish your body with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals from fresh vegetables your body will not crave sugars and junk foods because it will have all it needs to function properly. You and I both know that eating chips and candies from a package do not serve your body in any way, shape or form. Focus on eating healthy well balanced meals, when you do this you will fill up on the delicious healthy food and be too full for junk food and have an abundance of energy because of it.

Remember the most important thing is that you enjoy the process so it becomes apart of who you are. Be the lady who shows up feeling fit and fabulous because you took the time to love yourself enough to show up for your health.Find the meaning of loving yourself enough to make shifts happen. Simply do better for yourself, show up for yourself and live a fit and fabulous lifestyle!

To help you out, I wanted to give you a FREE downloadable printable worksheet that I use everyday to keep my goals in line with my life. The only way you are going to make changes is if you plan to make those changes. This worksheet will do exactly that and help you create the fit and fabulous life you desire. Just click the button below to grab your FREE instant download.

Free Goal Planning Worksheet