6 Beauty Hacks for Fit Chicks

I wash my hair once maybe twice a week.

Why..because I am just going to go to the gym and get it dirty again so why waste the effort, damage to my bleached hair and time. You feel me?

It may sound gross to some of you, but to be honest I know I am not the only one..or at least that is what I have been told.

I have a few #beautyhacks up my sleeve and through my years of being a personal trainer, teaching group class and having to fit my workout time into all of that I have come up with some fun ways to stay so fresh and so clean without spending tons of time taking numerous showers and washing my hair everyday. I wrote a post awhile ago about the makeup I love to wear to keep my skin fresh and how I deal with sweat and beauty, check it out here and here.

6 Beauty Hacks for Fit Chicks

  • Dry Brush: Not only will your lymph nodes thank you, your skin will too. 1/3 of your body’s toxins go right through the skin and letting them sit on top gives your skin that bumpy, dry appearance. Dry brushing literally brushes all of this off your skin, unclogs pores and keeps your skin exfoliated at all times. Dry brushing also stimulates your lymph nodes (located near your armpits, around your neck and groin etc.) which will improve your circulation and increases removal of metabolic waste. I dry brush two times a day for maximum benefits and I can tell you all of those weird bumps I used to get from gym equipment disappeared as I kept with it. Get a dry brush here.
  • Rose Hip Oil: I love this oil because it literally makes my face glow. It can be tough to not wear makeup at the gym but this oil has made my skin flawless. Rose Hip oil is full of antioxidants, vitamins and antioxidants which hydrate your skin, correct dark spots and smooth your skin tone. I wash my face in the morning and dab about 4 drops all over my face for a nice sheen glow. I also love the smell and the texture is so hydrating. Grab your oil here.
  • Hydrating Facial Mist: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff! I discovered Evian water spray when I was traveling all over South East Asia and continue to use it to this day. I started to use it because my skin became dry during long flights but after seeing what it did to hydrate my skin during a 16 hour flight I have yet to stop using it. I love the refreshing mist and always feel so refreshed after a little spritz. It also wakes me up if I am starting to fall asleep! Spray yourself fresh by clicking here.

beauty hacks for fit chicks

  • Baby Wipes: No time for a shower? It happens and you can feel gross or you can wipe yourself with a baby wipe to save time. This might sound disgusting to you but we have all been with 0 time to shower so this is your solution. I take 3 wipes, wipe my armpits and my girl parts, the second one I wipe my face and neck and the third one I wipe my feet off. I always feel super refreshed and these wipes have saved me numerous times! I suggest keeping a travel size in your gym bag just in case! Grab organic baby wipes by clicking here.
  • Rose Water Spray: Post sweat stink can be covered by perfume but then you end up smelling like perfumed stink which is just gross! After wiping myself down with my baby wipes, I put on Crystal Deodorant (all natural) and Rose Water Spray. I love the hint of rose scent and with a dab of rose hip oil I am all rose’d out! This body spray is also said to raise your vibration and is used during spiritual meditations. I personally just love the scent and always state an intention when I spray it in hopes it actually raises my vibration!
  • Tinted Lip Balm: Wearing lipstick to the gym is just weird to me. I like to condition my lips since Vegas weather is dry and my body is still accustomed to the humidity from Bangkok. Ever since I have been here, my lips have been crackling so I need deep moisture at all times. I love the Sugar Rose Tinted (spot a theme) Lip Balm and this small one fits right into my fanny pack so I can apply it throughout my sessions. It leaves my lips super moist and the touch of rose pink makes my face glow. I used to wear the Burts Bees ones back in the day but was recently gifted this one and have completely fallen in love! I also love these ones.

Beauty Hacks for Fit Chicks

  • Deep Conditioner: When I do plan to wash my hair.. I do cardio that day and whip up a deep conditioning treatment to use in my hair while doing cardio. I am going to take a shower anyways so why not use that 20-30 minute cardio spurt to deep condition my hair. Not only does it save me that awkward 20 minutes with the water running in the shower and the guilt of wasting water, and the what the heck am I supposed to do for 20 minutes while I wait for this mask to do its thing? I love Thanin deep conditioner right now because of the scent and because I can put it in dry hair. Make sure to find a deep conditioner you can use in dry hair and if you find it gross to put it in your roots for fear it will drip down your face, you can always put it at the ends and tie your hair into a high bun.
  • Tiger Balm: I discovered Tiger Balm when I lived in Thailand and WOW I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. I don’t know about you, but when I work out I push it to the limit. I make every movement, every rep and every exercise count so I am usually sore all week. When a long hot bath doesn’t cut it, I turn to these recovery steps featured here and tiger balm. It smells and is strong BUT it works! I literally massage it into my sore areas. Nowadays this is usually my legs and literally overnight tiger balm works its magic and I feel just fine the next day! Grab it here.

I hope these tips help you not avoid the gym with random excuses! I know the excuse of..I just washed my hair..or I just took a shower..but if you schedule your gym time around showers and hair appointments as well as take some of these tips, that will no longer be your excuse!

Comment below with any tips you have regarding beauty hacks for fit chicks, I know you have some you use yourself 🙂

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