How to Stop Craving Sugar

We all know SUGAR is not good for why do we still consume it?

Why are you still putting sugar into your coffee? Why are you taking a beautiful organic salad and dripping white sugar filled dressing all over it?

This might surprise you but I was the girl that carried a KING size bag of Swedish Fish in her bag..YES a KING size bag and I would finish it within a day and had another one ready to stock into my cute little Juicy bag (who remembers those) and it took me a solid year of committing to quitting sugar to rid of it for good.

So I balance a bit, I don’t completely chuck it out of my life BUT I make sure that my day to day has 0 sugar in it by making my own salad dressings, using stevia when I need it (black coffee without sweetness is gross) reading packages before making purchases and sticking to mother natures nutrients.

In this video I go over exactly what I did to solve my sugar addiction and I hope you learn a few things you can start doing today to make sugar less of a food group in your life.

Motivation to STOP Eating SUGAR

Do you think you can take on some of these tips and start making changes today? I bet you could do a quick clean out and see how much you really eat by tracking all day..

I would love to hear your experiences with cutting back sugar, comment below and share!

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