4 Tips for Healthy Eating While Traveling

Although this year I am not going anywhere I travel every other month to get out of the city madness of Bangkok so I am pretty well trained on keeping up with my goals while living my life. I pack a few items with me like raw nuts, smoked salmon, bananas which will get you through the plane ride but what about the actual eating while out deal. I have four essentials I bring with me everywhere no matter if its a weekend getaway or a whole week of exploration.


4 Tips For Healthy Eating While Traveling

  • Choose a hotel room that has a kitchenette and refrigerator: Not only will you save tons of cash flow eating in for snacks and breakfast, you will be able to pick and choose exactly what goes into your food. My husband and I will pack a few meals to throw into our FitMark bag along with seasonings we like, and then google the nearest grocery store for fresh produce and meats. It saves us so much energy and helps us stay on track with our goals so when we go out to eat we really enjoy the moment. If you are just getting away for the weekend and the idea of cooking on your time off makes you roll your eyes, why not bring some snacks with you so that you are always making a healthy choice and are never left starving at meal time.
  • Drink WATER: and lots of IT! When I am on vacation I enjoy a few too many glasses of wine and just really wind down. Drinking water is my saying grace and keeps me from getting dehydrated and also keeps my snacking hands away from the happy hour tray. I suggest 2-3 liters of water everyday.
  • Plan a quick workout: I love the endorphins and creativity flow I receive after a workout so giving up that moment is a big fat NO WAY in my world but I can understand where others find the discipline in working out tough and the thought of getting away from the day to day is what a vacation is all about. I agree with you but  not moving at all is the fastest way to make it harder to get back into your workout routine once you get back from your trip. You can make it the highlight of your trip by planning an active excursion with the family like hiking or walking around to explore the town! There are tons of things you can do in every vacation spot, just use google and type in “Active Things to DO In.. wherever you are going”

4 Tips For Healthy Eating While Traveling

  • Pack these four superfoods to keep you fit and fabulous:
    • Greens Powder: Getting carbs and protein is easy at a restaurant but veggies can be the hardest to get which is why I suggest packing along a greens powder. I like to throw mine in a smoothie when I know I am not getting enough greens that day or just simply grab a flavored one and mix it in water. It is that EASY to get your greens and will make you feel much better about skipping your green smoothie while on vacation. My favorite greens powder here.
    • Psyllium Husk/Fiber Powder: Fiber, fiber, fiber OH do you need some fiber after vacation and the holidays. Fiber is like a huge mop and will mop up excess cholesterol, and glucose and push it out of our system by binding to it. Nutrition standards and guidelines recommend 25-30 grams of dietary fiber so if you are not enjoying an abundance of vegetables, fruits, beans, peas and oats then you might need to add a bit to your water in the morning. Fiber also keeps you full so I always bring some with me to keep me satisfied and keep my digestive system running smoothly. My favorite fiber powder here.
    • Gelatin: I have become obsessed with Gelatin this year not only because my acupuncturist said it would be good to heal my digestive system but because it has made my skin more plump. I drink bone broth often for the gelatin property but traveling with bone broth may be difficult so supplementing with powdered gelatin like this one here can make it easy to keep plump skin, a sound digestive tract and an extra source of protein.
    • Stevia: Holidays and dining out usually equate to excess sugar loads. Instead of adding sugar to your oatmeals, coffees and teas why not sprinkle stevia instead. I recommend stevia as a substitute for baking and dressings and use some everyday. Stevia helped me get through my sugar withdrawals during my sugar detox and just a bit gives you the right amount of sweetness you need. I am picky on which stevia I buy due to the fact many are mixed with splenda/equal so try this one stevia found here.

In any case, no matter what the holidays and travel time are your time to get out of your everyday life and enjoy the moment. Soak it in, breathe it in, explore and truly enjoy those loved ones around you. Being healthy is living a life of balance and my goal of this blog post is to shine some light on ways to give your goals life even during the holidays!

So I wanna know..

  • Where are you traveling to this holiday season?
  • What do you pack to stay healthy during travel?

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