4 Tips on How to Deal with Social Support during the Holiday Season

Do the people who surround you at your workplace or home constantly bring in treats like cookies, biscuits and pizza? When you tell your friends you joined a gym, lost a few percentages of body fat and are finding new recipes to try, do they roll their eyes or high five you?

These are questions to ask yourself while on your journey to get where you want to go. Everyday will have setbacks, everyday will present you with challenges to overcome and everyday will present you with ways to succeed. At the end of the day it really is about your priorities, making them your priorities and reaching out for support when you need it, its all about you and your choices because at the end of the day no one will make these good for you choices for you, no one will hold your hand through it all but I will say having social support helps. Because we all know when all of your girlfriends order a salad you are not going to be the girl ordering fish and chips instead.


4 Tips on How to Deal with Social Support during the Holiday Season


  • Prioritize Your Goals: We all have a goal whether you make it known or you keep it to yourself. Now is the time to make that goal whether it be your finances, your health or your career at the forefront and remind yourself as to why you have these goals. Having 3 priorities is a healthy amount and an amount I believe that anyone can handle. For instance my priorities are 1. My Health which means I won’t let a sugar overload or a champagne campaign get in the way of my goal 2. My business which means that just because it is the holidays I will still be doing my thing, just taking more time off and 3. My family which fits right in with the holiday season 🙂 If your goal is to lose weight, then make it a priority in your life and re-write this goal everyday before you start the day to keep you on track!
  • No PREACHING: Just because the love of your life enjoys stuffing his/her face with fried chicken wings and french fries does not mean you get to rain on there parade. Making people feel bad for eating junk food is judging them and not making them feel good about themselves. No one wants to be judged and scrutinized about the choices they make and no one will want to hang around the person who is preaching how fried foods clog arteries and cause health problems while eating fried chicken at the same time. Just let it go, eat your healthy picks and wait for the questions of “How did you lose the weight?” and “OMG you look fabulous..” to roll in! Then you can share your healthy lifestyle!

How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

  • Don’t Take Leftovers: Just like surrounding yourself with people who do not support your new healthy habits, surrounding your home with unhealthy items will leave you digging for leftovers daily. Enjoy a few bites of the pie while its there, you don;t need to take the rest home with you and always remind yourself if you want pie you can have pie anytime you want. This type of thinking makes it easier to let go and move away from the leftovers table!
  • Bring a Healthy Dish: Whipping up something new and exciting in the kitchen is always fun. Time to break out the Pinterest board and actually try one of the pins you repined many moons ago this holiday season! Excite your family and friends and be the one to say did you know this has no dairy, or did you know this was SO easy to make! Instead of preaching and making those around you feel like crap, bring a smile and something delightful to the table will make those interested in what got into you!

Dairy Free Chocolate Caramels Recipe

In any case, no matter what the holidays and travel time are your time to get out of your everyday life and enjoy the moment. Soak it in, breathe it in, explore and truly enjoy those loved ones around you. Being healthy is living a life of balance and my goal of this blog post is to shine some light on ways to give your goals life even during the holidays!