3 Easy Ways to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

If you want to lose weight you know how crazy it can be to figure out the fastest, easiest and less painful way to do it. Sure you could pop mystery pills, rub oils and creams all over or you can just suck it up and eat a better diet, move and make some simple changes.

With articles, google and friends who have tried the latest and greatest craze, it can get overwhelming as to where to start. When I meet with someone who is looking to make changes I always offer 3 suggestions. The magic number is 3 simply because I know each and everyone of us can easily make 3 changes to our overall lifestyle.

3 Ways to Kickstart Your WeightLoss Efforts

    • Drink More Water: Yes, I mean it. When I ask someone how much water they drink they usually can’t give me an exact number. What you think might be enough may not be. When I say 3 Liters, I mean it. If you are starting to move more, suggestion #2, then you will sweat meaning you will lose water that you need to replace. I live in the humid hot Bankok Thailand where you can never drink enough water because you are constantly sweating!
    • MOVE: You HAVE to HAVE to MOVE everyday! You have to walk, dance, lift weights, kickbox, play soccer WHATEVER, just MOVE! I love lifting weights, I love dancing and I love hiking but if you don’t enjoy doing any of those things you are not going to stick to it. Take a moment and make it a goal to try new group classes, make a point to join friends in there workout classes, grab a trainer to teach you how to lift weights if that is something you are interested in..whatever it is just DO IT, stick with IT and MOVE! 
    • Skip the Sugar: Packaged foods,candy bars, sodas and junk food do not serve you. They have 0 nutrition and these foods do not give you what you need for your body to function. Think about how you fuel your body..do you eat food from natural sources, are you eating enough healthy fats? Things like this, think about it, write out a food diary and start figuring out how much sugars you are eating! Here are some more tips you can check out to learn more about keep the sugar outta your life!
    • Bonus: Meal PREP: Meal planning and prepping not only sets you up for success it can save you time and MONEY! I love eating at home, I know exactly what I am eating, what ingredients were used and I save tons of money from going and buying last minute dinners at the diner! I created a FREE download for you to use to help make your life easier when it comes to meal prepping, you can download it using the link below 🙂

Free Meal Planning Guide

So challenge your friends to 30 days of drinking 3 Liters of water, Moving EVERYDAY and skipping those added sugars. Its a fun challenge to take on and I developed a similar challenge for the ladies who attend my group classes and in my online group! We also added the No Alcohol bit to make it really challenging and let me be honest here I slipped a bit with that part of the challenge but it feels great to keep up with the rest and get back on the no alcohol train..

So I wanna know..

  • Have you ever taken a challenge?
  • What was it like? Did you surpass the goal?

P.S: If you are looking for a support system and a cheerleader I have a 4 Online Coaching Spots Available! Online Coaching is great for someone looking to have a custom workout and nutrition plan to follow, be held accountable to sticking to it daily and be coached through it without the cost or paying someone to count reps for you!  I have three programs one being a jumpstart program great for someone needing to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle, a basic 30 day plan and a customized program all available just check out my coaching page for more details!