How to Lose Weight and Eat Out

Hi Jaclyn, Thank you so much for writing in and asking a question that I know is a HOT topic! So you love to go out and eat, hate cooking but want results, this is not an idea situation as diet plays a big role in your weight loss goals BUT there are some ways to get around this sticky situation and I know with these tips I can help you be successful on your journey.

First thing is first, if you tend to go out and eat a lot you cannot play the “I am out to eat so lets order my favorite dish with wine and dessert” card because you going out to eat is not a treat any longer. Because I eat at home mainly (boring I know), when I go out for a nice dinner I order a big dinner and sip my wine and have a few bites of dessert because for me this is a big deal…but for yourself not so much, so if you want to reach your goals you have to be the GIRLboss of your meals even when out to eat!

how to lose weight and eat out

How to Lose Weight and Eat Out

  • Order a glass of water before anything else: Filling your body with H20 will fill your stomach up and remind you to make smart decisions when ordering. While you sip on your water remind yourself of your goals!

  • Send back the bread and chip basket: When the basket hits it can be easy to chomp away while you are hungry and waiting for your food, but this is one battle you will have to win and understand this is where unnecessary calories add up! If your gal pals want the goods, ask for some steamed veggies or a raw salad and dress it with the salsa.

  • Wording is EVERYTHING: Look for words like “steamed”, “broiled”, “fresh”, “grilled”, “reduced”, “marinated”, “poached”, “organic”, “broth-based”

  • Be a GirlBoss: Ok so we are all not Sophia Amoruso, but we can pretend to be when out to eat. DO not be afraid to ask questions and make demands about how your meal will be prepared, ask for light oil and no butter or cream on your dish. Browse the menu and see what you can put together to create a healthier option, does the fish come with french fries but the burger with steamed veggies? Ask to have the fish with veggies! Take control of your food. (P.S I used to be a waitress and as much as your waiter or waitress might roll their eyes, its your body, own it!)

How to Lose Weight and Eat Out

  • Do your homework!: Visit a restaurants website and create a game plan of what you will order. If you have an idea and walk into dinner with a plan you are for sure going to stick with it and make the best choice possible!
  • 2x the Fun: Ask for a double side of steamed veggies instead of a grain or potato side dish. Unless the veggies are fried or coated in oil or butter, you are generally in a caloric safe zone!
  • 0 Calorie Dessert: Order an herbal tea once the meal is finished so you have something to curb that sweet tooth if your dining buddies decide to order dessert. I always say three bites of any sweet is enough to enjoy it!

The occasional slice of pizza and slice of pie won’t break the caloric bank if done on occasion, but this term is used lightly and I have seen many a clients think this occasional treat calls for a three time a week pig out session. Plain and simple, if you are looking to lose fat and meet your goals by that set date I advise you stick to the plan as best you can and turn down that junk food hangover. Your friends, if they are your TRUE friends will hardly even notice your salad at dinner time and you might even inspire them to make a healthier choice!

Menu Decoder:

Breakfast Diner

  • Omelets are always a great choice, try to find one packed with veggies and don’t be afraid of the yolk, but be sure to emphasize light oil!
  • Spinach and Feta Cheese Omelet– One of the most nutritious choices on the menu.
  • Breakfast Meats-Canadian bacon is lower in fat and higher in protein than ham and is about 30 calories and less than 2 grams of fat


  • Pizza has about 300 calories and 11 grams of fat per slice, a recent article published saying that when you dab your pizza before eating it you can save up to 40% on calories and fat!

  • Appetizer– Try out the antipasto salads usually loaded with high quality protein

  • Red sauce is a decent choice and white sauce is very creamy and heavy on the calories.

How to Eat Out and Still Lose Weight

Mexican Cantina

I love a delicious taco but skip the shell and watch out for those beans..

  • Fajitas cooked in light oil, skip the cheese and sour cream and ask for lettuce to wrap your fajitas in and you can save over 300 calories and 15 grams of fat.
  • Mole: A delicious sauce filled with over 40 ingredients, be cautious of excess cheese and sour cream but not such a bad choice especially if you LOVE the taste!
  • Bean Burrito- If whole beans this could be the healthiest thing on the menu due to the fiber in beans lowers cholesterol and helps make you full. If refried which means they are mashed and cooked in lard skip..ask for black beans instead.

  • ALWAYS ASK FOR CORN TORTILLAS if you must- they are packed with fiber and are about 100-150 per shell (choose lettuce wraps over corn but if you must..)

how to eat out and still lose weight


  • Edamame- The little green pods are high in protein and fiber with low calories. A delicious way to start the meal off.

  • Yakitori- These skewers of lean meat and veggies give you proteins, carbs and fats for a low amount of calories.

  • California Roll- A safe and delicious choice with only 300 calories for 8 pieces!

  • House Salad- Salads are not always the best choice. The iceberg lettuce has little nutritious value and the 2 tablespoons of oily ginger dressing can cost up to 200 calories and 10 grams of fat switch to the seaweed salad which is loaded with minerals.

  • Nigiri/Sashimi- Nigiri is individual pieces of fish draped over rice while sashimi is straight raw fish stick with the sashimi to save on carbs. (P.S If you watch my snapchat (cvbentleyfit) you know about my experience with 1/2 priced salmon sashimi :0)

  • Spanish Mackerel- Twice the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids as salmon one of the healthiest fish in the sea, this is always my favorite! I order this with a seaweed salad and snack on edamame!


  • Vegetarian- Never a bad idea to go vegetarian at an Indian restaurant, some of the best vegetarian foods I have had used Indian spices. Stick to dishes based on lentils, chickpeas, mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes.
  • Chicken Tikka- Lean chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, this makes an excelled entrée choice. I ask for fish sometimes but make sure to read the detailed description as tikka masala, masala means “cream” in Hindi and that means this dish could be loaded with excess fat.
  • Dal- lentils which are low in fat and high protein and fiber

No one is perfect, your general game plan is to go in with your head on straight and not do that “O I have been SO good, time to enjoy,” “its just ONE night” situation because living a healthy lifestyle is not about feeling ashamed, its about enjoying life and making wise decisions that help you to reach your goals. It’s about being a #GIRLboss and doing YOU!

I am not a picky eater because I am obsessed with every calorie, I am a picky eater because I want to LOVE my body and give it all it needs to function properly and provide my mind, body and soul with nourishment. People may judge the way I eat but I frankly do not care, I care more about my health then anything because without it I am not able to share my gift with others.

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