Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Recipe

Week after week you will find me in my kitchen with Justin Bieber (cmon you know you like his new songs) or Nick Jonas blaring mixing away and creating in my kitchen. I call this being in my zone and since learning about my high cortisol (read more about that here), I try to do things that are outside of my work and things I really enjoy doing. These things include baking, reading, playing with my Shihs (my dogs) and rolling around in bed laughing with my husband.

Because baking happens to be high on the list I thought why not share my creations on the blog since 9 times out of 10 they tend to be on the healthier side of spectrum and I use organic quality ingredients to create my treats.

Healthy Chocolate Treat Recipe

I posted these chocolate after a failed attempt at creating a new chocolate covered energy ball because chocolate covered anything is genius in my book. I stated that they were truffles and went to google to learn that they were far from truffles, so excuse my lack of knowledge in that department. Truffles are defined as having rum and/or chocolate covered and while I like to think that the mess I created is a truffle I can assure you it is not classified technically as a truffle.

Either way, they are delicious + SO easy to make all you need is a blender, an ice cube tray and a freezer. I used a cute heart ice tray I picked up years ago but any old ice cube tray will do!

Peanut Butter Chocolates Recipe

  • 2 scoops protein powder of choice (I prefer vega or Tara’s Whey (learn more here))
  • 60 mL coconut flour
  • 30 mL cocoa powder (the better quality the better tasting)
  • 90 mL almond milk or organic whole milk
  • 30 mL peanut butter (or more for taste)
  • Pinch of sea salt

Blend ingredients in blender. Taste test and add either more sea salt of cocoa powder until you get the right taste. Pour into ice tray and freeze for at least 1 hour before serving. You must keep them cold as they will melt if you leave them out to long!

healthy chocolate recipe

I usually pop them out for a dinner party and place them in the little trays I used to photograph them and our guests become fascinated that I made my very own chocolates! If you like this sort of recipe you have to try my other freezer chocolates which are made with coconut oil and cocoa powder, grab the recipe here.

Easy Chocolate Recipe No Bake

If you attempt any of my recipes please share, it brings me great pleasure to create recipes and share them with you guys!

Now that you have made the decision to start losing weight use these tips to jumpstart your success and if you are looking for more direction and nutrition coaching feel free to contact me or check out my awesome testimonials from clients I have worked with in the past!