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Circa 2009 if you told me I would be eating Beef Gelatin I would have laughed in your face..and even now I get a bit grossed out about it but the benefits far outweigh the thought of eating ground up beef collagen extracted from the skin, bones, + connective tissues..

I was a vegan, a classic junk food eating vegan but vegan, my skin aged, my health deterred and I became a grass-fed meat eating girl for the last couple of years. Mind you I do not eat meat every single meal, but I do balance my diet out with a few slabs of juicy steak every so often and I eat organic chicken and eggs almost daily.

What is Gelatin?

Because of my love of fasted cardio through the years I completely messed up my hormones, YES ladies STOP with the fasted cardio everyday it is messing with your Thyroid and this ages you, messes with your metabolism and stops your menstrual cycle. Because of several years experimenting with my body, I have come to find I am aging lets just say not so gracefully and an experiment of getting a cortisone shot in a pimple has left me with a dent in my forehead..que the bangs..and I needed a way to get more collagen into my diet, heal my gut and regain my health.

What is Gelatin?

At first glimpse I decided that gelatin was gross and literally gave away my first purchase of Gelatin after attempting to make vitamins with some recipe I found on Pinterest. Then I got a dent in my forehead and decided to try it out again and I am completely addicted to it!

I started adding 10 mL to my daily green smoothie and have seen the impact on my skin as well as all those cracks I got while working out disappear. You know those cracks and cranks you hear from your body when you workout no matter what you do to warm up? They were never painful but the sound always creeped me out and after using my daily dose of gelatin for a month those sounds have completely diminished!


Benefits of Gelatin:

  • Healthy Skin + Hair: Skin and hair is made of collagen and as much as you want to rub collagen all over your skin the truth is you must ingest collagen for you to get any benefits from it. The collagen found in skin products is too large for the skin to absorb so the best way to get collagen is by eating it. Collagen production needs glycine and proline, which are amino acids found in gelatin. Healthy skin and hair also comes from protein and while gelatin is not a complete source of protein it does contain 18 essential amino acids which are the building blocks for protein. I can personally say that since adding some gelatin to my green smoothie every morning, I have noticed an improvement with the texture and softness of my skin. I have yet to see wrinkle improvement but I have only been eating gelatin daily for a month and with natural remedies it can take some time to see significant improvements.
  • Can Heal the Gut: I have had many digestive issues including leaky gut so I had to start incorporating foods like bone broth which has gelatin in it to soothe my digestive tract. The gelatin naturally binds to water and can help food move more easily through the digestive tract. It also helps seal our colons so that more nutrients can be absorbed into our bodies from the food we eat. This goodness also helps breakdown proteins and fats for easier absorption!
  • Helps You Sleep: Glycine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter, which is found in gelatin helps aid you in sleep. Glycine can also help decrease anxiety and promote calmness in your system.

what is gelatin

  • Protects Your Joints: If you lift heavy weights it can be damaging to your joints so you need to protect them. Using collagen heavy gelatin will support your joints and help you recover from a tough workout faster. Old school bodybuilders have been chucking this stuff in there shakes for years because of its natural ability to heal and repair achy joints and muscles.

How to Eat Gelatin:

  • Smoothies: I personally add it to my green smoothie in the morning as its the easiest way for me to ignore the fact that I am chewing on leftover animal parts. I do not taste it and it swirls around in my blender and makes my green shake just a bit more voluminous.
  • Bone Broth: I can write an entire article on the reasons I LOVE bone broth but one major reason I love it is the fact that I am easily able to drink my gelatin and soothe my adrenals and gut at the same time. Bone broth has changed my life..I know that sounds extreme but it truly has and I have noticed many positive changes to my health since enjoying bone broth a few days a week.
  • Make Vitamins or Gelatin Cubes: Like I mentioned above, I tried this out and was completely grossed out by the texture but if you are interested I used:


Where to Buy Gelatin:

  • I purchase mine on Iherb.COM : Great Lakes Gelatin Co. it is Kosher and is the best I have found in my searches (To get $$ off your purchase use code: LDZ954 at checkout *Yes I get commission from this but it supports my blog and you save $ 🙂

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