How to reduce cortisol naturally

My cortisol is HIGH..I mean like really HIGH..high enough that when I see Drs they start telling me to exercise, eat a well balanced diet and take some time to relax then they look at me see I am a fitness chic and realize that it might be the opposite problem..

I learned that I had high stress levels when I began acupuncture last year with Sandi (read about her here) and although I practiced what she assigned to me I still experienced some problems with adrenal fatigue and high cortisol.

The biggest problem for me is that I am unable to identify the cause of my cortisol level..I really can not pinpoint it which drives me crazy since I am a problem solver at best. I did however go through my diet and realized I have been low in the carb department and after a lot of research see that fats and carbohydrates are just important for hormone health as protein! I now have been incorporating a more balanced diet and focusing on relaxing, taking it easier in the gym and using some supplements to bring my stress level down.

how to bring cortisol down

I wanted to share with you guys 5 tips I personally use to bring my cortisol down and I know they will help you too. In the constant chaotic world with iPhones binging, demanding jobs and a social circle of constant contact it can be hard to just take a chill pill but these 5 tips are easily implemented into anyones lifestyle and trust me if I can do it, you can to!

5 Natural Ways to Bring Cortisol Down

  • Nutrition: One of the first places you can start with is your diet when it comes to bringing that adrenal stress down. It is easy to grab unhealthy fats and run around town while chomping on a protein bar but these foods are not healthy for our bodies or are gut. Healing and nourishing foods like soaked nuts, coconut oil, and bone broth will give your body what it needs to reboot. I also suggest adding in some carbohydrates from foods like Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice and Quinoa.
  • Supplementation: While I am not one to push the supplements, I do see it important in this day in age. Unfortunately, the foods you and I eat are not the same foods our ancestors ate due to GMO’s and soil not having near as many nutrients as it had in the past. Our food lacks in essential minerals and what our bodies are not getting we need to find another way to get which is where supplementation comes in. A high quality Omega 3 will give your body and brain essential fatty acids, a multivitamin with some greens in it to get some phytochemicals and minerals, and I personally take Relora (combo with Vitamin B) and Ashwagandha which are adaptogenic herbs that help the adrenals function. I can personally tell you that taking both of these has calmed me down and I find that certain actives that would normally aggravate me I can handle with a smile.

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How to Naturally Bring Down Cortisol

  • Breathing Technique: Just hear it time and time again and I wrote a post on it awhile back (read it here) during the beginning of my journey. My life was a constant run around and although I did not realize it at the time, I was serving everyone else before myself and while this sounds admirable it was exhausting me to the point where I landed in the hospital. Now I stop and take three deep breaths randomly throughout the day and when I say deep I mean stomach sticking out deep!
  • Tea and Meditation: In college I was able to sit down and meditate for a good 20 uninterrupted minutes, light a candle and even sip tea after to reflect on my meditation..well as I got older time got short and my life sure isn’t partying and school anymore..I would love to have that time back and I know you can make time for just about anything but I have been unable to sit and meditate for 5 minutes for a few years now. For now, I journal every single morning and just write whatever the heck I want, add some gratitude to the mix and sip some warm water with lime after with a quick reflection. While I know actual meditation is much different this is all I am able to fit in and it works for me! If you have a hard time with meditation maybe try walking meditation or even journaling..
  • Dance, Laugh + Play: Stop taking life so SERIOUSLY! I found that with myself I took life so SERIOUSLY! If a client cancelled on me I would feel as if I did something wrong, if my new recipe turned out wrong I would put the blame on myself and when things went crazy I turned to myself and obsessed over my faults..which in turn STRESSED me out! Who would think these little thoughts would eat at me like that but they would wreck me, make me exhausted and unhappy..I really took some time this year to just PLAY more, dance, turn up music and just shake it, laugh a bit louder and take more breaks to goof off much as I would get anxiety feeling unproductive I soon learned and in time to just relax and enjoy. Life is not meant to work work is meant to be happy, laugh, dance or do whatever it is that just instantly puts a smile on your face! That is what life is make a list of five things you can do that will instantly just make you happy. For me its 1. Dancing 2. Playing Music 3. Playing with my two shih-tzus 4. Attacking my husband with kisses 5. Baking new recipes and treats to share with friends and family

How to Bring Cortisol Down Naturally

What are some of your favorite ways to relax?

Now that you have made the decision to start losing weight use these tips to jumpstart your success and if you are looking for more direction and nutrition coaching feel free to contact me or check out my awesome testimonials from clients I have worked with in the past!