Bombshell Body Guide Review

If you haven’t heard of The Skinny Confidential you must be hiding under a rock..

You need to check Lauryn’s blog out, its like my weekly addiction to find out the newest latest health choices, fashion outfits and pick up some interior design tips! This girls got it going on! When she announced she was launching a fitness/wellness/health subscription I immediately knew I wanted access! She defines being a BOMBSHELL, she keeps her lifestyle savy, travels + is SUPER down to earth!

bombshell guide reviewWhat I LOVE about the program:

  • Updates: I LOVE that this subscription is updated! Time and time again you buy a program complete it and then its kinda like whats next…and where do I go from here? The Bombshell Body Plan is NOT like that whatsoever! There are tons of recipes, workouts and layouts for different plans which is great if you find things you don’t like you can mix and match to make a plan you will actually follow!
  • The Workouts: Lauryn has her Pilates certification and you can clearly see that in the workouts. She combines the principals of Pilates (tight core, flexible spine) to functional fitness movements to create a fat blasting workout that will give you the same flat tummy you would get from a Pilates class but the lean muscle building you would get from a weights circuit class. She has also brought in celebrity personal trainer Whey by J to approve the plan!
  • Time: Time is a valuable commodity and this program gets it! The recipes are QUICK and delicious without the use of a gazillion ingredients! I also love a quick workout and with each workout only at 27 minutes there is NO reason to skip it! You can literally look at the clock at 4 PM and say ok by 4:30 I will be in and out + feeling like a bombshell!
  • Recipes: Yummy, delicious and like I mentioned before QUICK! I love her chia seed jam recipe, chicken skewers + the Paleo Breakfast Plate which had to be my favorite. The food is delicious, healthy and possible to whip up! Most of the ingredients were readily found where I live in Thailand except for a few but because there were SO many options it made it easy for me to pick something else! The food fits all the macronutrients you will need to tighten up but still have power for your Bombshell workouts!
  • Lifestyle: One of the reasons I really admire Lauryn is because she is a REAL girl without the facade of eating “perfect” all the time. She travels, she sips coronas and wine + will enjoy some chips if she feels like it. She really emphasizes the “lifestyle” component throughout her blog but even more so in the guides. I believe that for someone to stick to the plan they have to see the program as a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix.

Bombshell Guide Review

I want to be a BOMBSHELL:

Sign up here..for the subscription service and spend some time going through everything. I recommend printing out the guide and just going through the site to see the different recipes and learn the workout movements before putting everything into practice. There is also a community of women involved who are doing the same plans so be sure to reach out and say Hi and connect with women all over the world!

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