tips to tackle group class

You walk into a group class, look around and feel like everyone knows what is going on, what is going to happen and are dedicated to the program. You may even be fearful of falling over, not being able to catch on, don’t sweat it, sweetheart, this article will give you some tips to follow that will make you a confident rock star!

Going into your first group class can be intimidating especially when you are new to exercising, the gym and especially the class. You may even avoid checking out that new dance class because you are that fearful! Take the plunge, pick up a schedule at your gym and pick out a few classes that work with your schedule!

Tips for Group Class

The pros of group fitness classes are they occur every week at a set time, set instruction, a motivating teacher PLUS a group of people who like you, are there to sweat up a storm.

Tips + Tricks For Group Class:

  • Eat for Energy: Have a small pre workout snack 30-60 minutes before class. I always suggest 1/2 a banana or some coffee to give you a PEP in your step! Do not eat a huge meal 10-15 minutes before class unless you want a tummy ache!
  • Be prepared!: Bring your water bottle and be sure to grab a towel at the front desk or bring your own and get ready to SWEAT!
  • Be the EARLY BIRD: Show up 10-15 Minutes Early! Talk to the instructor and ask him/her what equipment is needed to take the class and if there is anything you should know. Also, be sure to let the instructor know if you have any injuries or inflictions that prevent you from performing certain exercises. This also gives you a chance to grab the best spot!

tips for group class

  • Shake it in the MIDDLE: The best spot for a newbie is DEAD center. Do not be afraid! Everyone in the class started SOMEWHERE and being in the middle gives you full view of the instructor!
  • Listen Up!: Listen to your body, if there is a move you can not do because of an injury or ability to DON’T DO IT! Injuring yourself to impress the instructor is not necessary. Do what you can! Injuring yourself results in not being able to workout for weeks, do what you can and set goals for yourself every week to give you MOTIVATION!
  • Breathe and SMILE: When I am instructing I try my best to make my class SMILE! What’s sweating and enjoying an endorphin high without a SMILE! If you feel like you are going to puke or pass out, take a second and breathe through it. No need to push yourself to the limit, especially your very first couple of times taking the class. Take a couple of deep breaths, a sip of water and get back in it!

No need to be nervous, everyone in the class had a first day! Be adventurous try a class you would never think of taking like Kickboxing or Muay Thai (my personal favorite)!

So I wanna know..

What group class are you going to try this week?

Now that you have made the decision to start losing weight use these tips to jumpstart your success and if you are looking for more direction and nutrition coaching feel free to contact me or check out my awesome testimonials from clients I have worked with in the past!

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