how to avoid a junky weekend

You are going out for your best gal pals birthday and if its like any other time you all get together you are ready for pina coladas and nachos with a main dish of pasta ravioli.

You have got four choices…

#1: Go out with your friends and order healthy

#2: Join in and Indulge

#3 Skip it and make a lame excuse

#4: Enjoy a few chips a vodka soda but stick mainly to your clean eating plan

Hopefully you stick with #4, go out and BE SOCIAL because sitting at home when your friends are posting pictures on Instagram is just DEPRESSING! Make smart choices when dining out, think lean protein plus steamed veggies, broth based soup and salad with light dressing, avoid the fried foods, creamy sauces and hearty pasta dishes.

how to avoid a junky weekend

Helpful tips when dining out:

  • Order a glass of water before anything else. Filling your body with H20 will fill your stomach up and remind you to make smart decisions when ordering.
  • Send back the bread and chip basket. If your gal pals want the goods, ask for some steamed veggies or a raw salad and top with the salsa.
  • Look for words like “steamed”, “broiled”, “fresh”, “grilled”, “reduced”, “marinated”, “poached”, “organic”, “broth-based”
  • DO not be afraid to ask questions about how your meal will be prepared, ask for light oil and no butter or cream on your dish
  • Do your homework! Visit a restaurants website and create a game plan of what you will order. If you have an idea and walk into dinner with a plan you are for sure going to stick with it and make the best choice possible!

tips for dining out

  • Ask for a double side of steamed veggies instead of a grain or potato side dish. Unless the veggies are fried or coated in oil or butter, you are generally in a caloric safe zone!
  • Order an herbal tea once the meal is finished so you have something to cure that sweet tooth if your dining buddies decide to order dessert. I always say three bites of any sweet is enough to enjoy it!

how to avoid a junky weekend

The occasional slice of pizza and slice of pie won’t break the caloric bank if done on occasion, but this term is used lightly and I have seen many a clients think this occasional treat calls for a three time a week pig out session. Plain and simple, if you are looking to lose fat and meet your goals by that set date I advise you stick to the plan as best you can and turn down that junk food hangover. Your friends, if they are your TRUE friends will hardly even notice your salad at dinner time and you might even inspire them to health up their choices.

  • What is your favorite dish to order when dining out?
  • What are some tips you use when dining out?

Now that you have made the decision to start losing weight use these tips to jumpstart your success and if you are looking for more direction and nutrition coaching feel free to contact me or check out my awesome testimonials from clients I have worked with in the past!