why you should take a nap

Remember nap time in grad school? I sure do, it was my favorite time of day besides dance class, it was memories I have from school besides recess that I treasure. As we grow up, nap time gets swished to the side and the word “nap” correlates with being lazy or not having enough to do or we just become so busy that social media and catching up on the latest + greatest become more of an importance. I personally wish I could take a nap everyday but I am a high energy person so sometimes napping becomes more of a sit and daydream moment but having that quiet time to myself where all I do is think. My nap time kind of becomes like meditation. I personally love my bedroom and love to keep my bedroom for all things bed like, I literally throw a cow when my husband tries to sneak his cell phone in. I feel that your room should be a sanctuary, somewhere you can get away from the madness of the world, social media and use your comfy bed to relax and take a nap!

I want to share with you 3 reasons you should hit the snooze button mid afternoon every single day + why you should think about doing the same..

why you should take naps

1. System Reboot: When you give your body and mind a break to repair you are alleviating a lot of stress, frustration and burnout. You know those days you are tied to your desk without a moment to breathe and your eyes start to burn? Taking a nap will relieve all of this + give you a fresh start once back to work after your nap.

2. Better Mood: You know how you feel after you had a good nights rest and you are happy the moment your eyes open? Imagine having that same feeling mid afternoon..don’t you think your 4 PM look for FOOD/SUGAR/CARBS to make it to dinner would go away? In a Stanford University School of Medicine study, doctors and nurses improved their mood by napping for 40 minutes during an overnight shift! 

reasons to take a nap

3. Repair + Lose Weight: Post workout nap anyone? After a strenuous session at the gym taking a nap post workout meal helps to repair your energy stores, gives your muscles time to grow and napping resets your energy levels giving you more energy without needing anymore food. SO before reaching for that 4 PM snack attack, try taking a nap!

Why I love my room?

I love my room because it is the one place where I do not work, I banish my cell phone and I just cuddle with my two baby shih-tzus and husband and let my mind wander off into dream land. My all white bedding (check out my favorite set here) perfectly crisp and made daily is my sanctuary of peace. I enjoy bright colored especially white (except when my dogs dirty paws get on it) because I feel like I am wrapping myself into a new day. Weekend naps are essential for me since during the week I am out and about although sometimes I do try to find time to slumber when I get home!

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So I wanna know..

  • Do you take naps?

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