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I am intolerant to Tilapia, almonds, pomelo (grapefruit), flaxseeds and Basil..

I had to open up with this statement because its pretty dramatic RIGHT?

Alcat Food Allergy Test Results

By reading the intro to this article, I know what you are thinking, how could one have allergies to pomelo, peppers and tilapia? A healthy eater by preference, I could tell I was experiencing stomach issues last year and could never put a finger on it. Why was it that after every pomelo feast I felt tired and woozy?  Why after devouring a fresh grilled tilapia with black pepper and red peppers did I feel nauseous? Were these foods not supposed to make me feel invincible and energetic?

I pondered this for awhile and could never put my finger on it due to reading the benefits these foods had on my health. It was not until I went on a midnight bender reading nutrition and health blogs, that I came across a fitness models story about her shocking results from the ALCAT test. Her results said she was allergic to tilapia, eggs and chicken and being a fitness model this was her go to food. A change in her diet resulted in her taking second place in a local body building competition and myself googling to learn more about the ALCAT test.

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As an adult, many assume that what you were allergic to as a child is the same as now and that if you are not firing red and in a hospital bed after eating a certain food that you are not allergic to certain foods. As we age, food allergies and intolerances come and go and the difference between a trip to the hospital and low energy keep us from understanding our bodies digestive abilities. Severe allergies can cause hives and trips to the hospital whilst intolerance cause digestive issues and inflammation in the body. Intolerances to food could be the reason why you are not able to shed those last few kgs. or feel woozy or heavy after a meal. Understanding how your body reacts to the food you eat on a daily basis is helpful to know as this affects your energy levels, sexual health, mentality and physical well being.

Luckily, the ALCAT test can be done where I am in Bangkok at Hollistic Medical Center (website here) and I was more than pleased when Khun Porntip invited me to have blood drawn to find out what foods my body was intolerant towards. The purpose of the ALCAT test is to discover what foods, chemicals, and toxins are causing your body to become inflamed. The test even goes as far as to test for chemicals and additives like food dyes and flavor enhancers that are in common boxed foods and candies.

What is the Alcat Test?

The ALCAT test is a food intolerance test which involves the immune system reacting to a protein in a given food.  A nurse pulls a tube of blood from you and tests your blood cells with each food.

Did you know that food intolerances are reproduced every single time you consume a food, and the reactions are usually immediate? Research shows that 90% of all food allergies are to milk, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, soybeans, wheat, fish, and shellfish. What many do not understand is that a food intolerance does not involve the immune system but it does cause inflammation when white blood cells react to ingested foods. These reactions are more likely to cause gas, stomach pain, bloating, heartburn, and headaches.  Food intolerances can be difficult to diagnose without a blood test, because they may not be reproduced every single time a food is consumed, and the reactions can often be much more delayed than reactions to food allergies.  There may not even be a noticeable reaction (like a stomach ache), but ingesting foods to which you are intolerant can cause things like fatigue, inability to gain or lose weight, migraines, irritability, skin conditions like acne and eczema, and more.  You have probably heard of someone who is lactose intolerant or has gluten protein allergies, which are both actually intolerances.

You can take several versions of the test depending on your diet, for instance if you eat a diet that revolves around the delicious Thai cuisine, you may want to take the 100 food Thai Panel test, or take the 170 foods and add on whatever other  foods not included in the test that you eat on a regular basis.

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Where To Get Tested?

The ALCAT test is administered by Holistic Medical Center by Dr. Porntip Chooparnich. The center is a holistic medical practice that does much more than the food intolerance testing. With Live Blood Analysis, Molecular Resonance Imaging Technology, Detoxing and more you are sure to leave Holistic Medical Centere, HMC, feeling like a new person. Right off of Petchaburi MRT Station is 253 Building where HMC is located on the 20th floor overlooking the city. I found the centre to be inviting and a place I wanted to spend time in. In most of these situations you find yourself in a stuffy room with the scent of antibacterial lotion surrounding you, not only was I welcomed by a glass of cold water I was escorted to a cafe where I was able to enjoy a fruit smoothie complimentary.

I myself have been rather involved in holistic living and have personally seen through avoiding dairy how much my skin has cleared up. I believe that we all have foods that cause our bodies to become inflamed. Over time the inflammation of your body leads to acne, joint pain, bloat, digestive issues and more. Thinking back to when I was a wee one I had poor skin due to my love of milk and cheese. Once I rid of these foods my skin cleared up and I had energy again because my body was no longer trying to digest enzymes it could not.

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The Test

The test is simple, they take a large tubes worth of blood. After a few days, you receive a call stating that your results are ready to be picked up. As I was on the MRT waiting for my results, I was imagining I would have to say goodbye to my favorite foods, pomelo, peanuts and eggs. Luckily only one of three had to go and a month into avoiding all of the foods I am intolerant towards, I feel more energetic and my hard earned flat stomach is getting flatter! I am reactive to almonds, basil, pomelo, sunflower, turnip, veal, apricots, sardines, tilapia, black pepper, brewer’s yeast, carrot, clam, flaxseeds, fructose and kidney beans. Out of 170 foods, I felt pretty lucky to only have a handful of foods to avoid. The structure of intolerance ranges from reactive which is in red and to be avoided for six months, orange being semi-reactive and to be avoided for three months and yellow which means I have a slight reaction to these foods and should avoid them for one month. Once six months is up, I can reintroduce these foods back into my system and follow a meal plan that Dr. Chooparnich created for me to use so that my body no longer experiences a reaction. Not only do you learn which foods you are reactive too, but also learn about chemicals and additives that are added to boxed foods and candies. Turns out I must eliminate aspartame so no more sugar free foods, diet sodas or gum, sodium sulphite which they use to turn foods white and no more brilliant blue food coloring. I feel in some ways like a toddler not eating anything orange or blue when out to eat with friends, but the way I feel inside is worth it!

A Year Later

After my test I had to relearn what food to order at restaurants, what to snack on again since almonds were my go to and had to learn to live without almond butter, pomelo and asking for no pepper on my food at restaurants. A year later I eat pepper when I am out to eat just not at home, snack on almonds on occasion because I love them so much but have avoided the other foods on my list like sunflower, sardines, apricots, pomelo, basil, and veal the best that I can! I was doing so well on my test I got several of my friends and even my husband to take the test. Mr. Bentley was having a horrible skin rash, I mean alarmingly horrible and he took the test and found out he was allergic to vanilla, basil and oregano which are three common ingredients found in EVERYTHING! After finding this out we have been able to keep his rashes under control and if something flares up we usually can point our finger on why which is helpful!

My woozy woes were due to a daily habit of eating a carton of pomelo a day and without having taken the ALCAT test I would have never known this. I am happy to say that I have been Pomelo, Almond and Tilapia free for over a year and can personally say my thoughts are clearer, I have even more energy and most of my stomach issues are gone.

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