Fitness Competition Recap

bikini fitness competition

After two weeks of madness I have finally had a moment to sit down and blog about a fitness competition I entered on January 25th, 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand. I am still in SHOCK that I did this competition and after 25 days of preparing for what to me was a goal of mine for a few years was exhilarating, challenging and rewarding all at the same time. Since I had posted here and here about my journey, I thought it would be nice to do a Fitness Competition Recap!

With Instagram and YouTube being popular in the fitness relam, you can easily follow a fitness competitors journey to the stage and see how much work it really is, how daunting the nutrition program has to be and the time/cost it takes to prepare for 10 minutes on stage can be. I used to sit and watch these videos with the dream that one day I could take the stage. With a ballerina background I am used to the grueling practices, the diet discipline and mental challenges that follow with this type of competition. My husband and I move around and travel so I never thought it would be possible to have the actual time to dedicate myself to such a sport but as I have been told me entire life, if there is a will, there is a way.

Fitness Competition Diet Plan

Luckily for me, the bodybuilding community is growing in South East Asia and includes a few competitions that are open to foreigners such as myself. I was browsing Facebook after a few cocktails on New Years Eve and came across a poster for a fitness competition. My nerves started to jump, butterflies attacked and I had a wave of sensation I have not felt since the day I met my husband.

Courtney Bentley

I just knew I HAD TO DO IT! I finally took a chance on January 1st of this year and said I am going to do it after seeing a competition here on the 25th. I signed up, made a list of EVERYTHING I needed to do to make it happen and DID IT!

What You Need to Do a Bikini Competition::

  • Bikini *Custom Created by Steve
  • Tan
  • Makeup/Hair (I did mine myself)
  • Jewelry (thank goodness for A Piece of Elise who gave me my gorgeous earrings)
  • Shoes (tall, think stripper type shoes)
  • Workout Plan
  • Diet Plan
  • Water Manipulation/Peak Week Plan
  • Posing Coach or Practice (this was what made me get 3rd place, thank goodness for Nan (here) )
  • SUPPORT from family, friends and those around you

I contacted girls I knew competed here and asked questions on where to get the proper bikini, how to do the tan and where do I go to learn how to pose. Luckily, I got responses back and was led straight to Steve and Nan (Youtube here :: Facebook here :: Facebook here) who were not only custom created my bikini, tanned me, taught me how to pose and helped me with water manipulation but gave me the support I needed during these weeks to actually make it to the stage.

Courtney Bentley

There were HARD days, REALLY hard days, days I was thinking of backing out and saying to myself this isn’t for me, I am not strong enough, I don’t have the willpower etc. but every single day I looked at myself in the mirror and said YES I CAN! Having the support of those around you is CRITICAL, without it I know I would have given up at some points when I felt it was not worth it.

Courtney Bentley FitnessMy Training::

Since I only had 25 days I really had to put my time in at the gym. My backside is my weakest point and one of the necessities in bikini competition physiques so I put in leg days 2 times every 7 days and focused on building my muscle for the first two weeks and shredding off the fat the last two. I incorporated 100 upper body twists, weighted front abs and extra cardio at the end. Posing practice is like a cardio session in itself! Who would have thought posing is so hard!

Split Sessions::

Chest, Calves and Dance Cardio

Shoulders, Abs and Dance Cardio

Legs + Low Impact Cardio

Rest Day, Stretch, Foam Roll

Dance Cardio

Back, Abs and Treadmill Cardio

Legs (low rep but HEAVY)

My Diet::

I did a carb cycle and used the app My Fitness Pal to track EVERYTHING even vegetables. Again 25 days is not a lot of time especially after December which was filled with my birthday, my husbands birthday and holidays so I had to track EVERY little thing I put into my body. I enjoyed carb cycling because on a leg day it is really helpful to have a little boost of energy to help me push my legs that much more.

bikini diet food

Foods I ate::




Eggs/Egg Whites


Peanut Butter (no salt, no sugar)


Green Beans


Broccoli (only first 14 days)

Cherry Tomatoes

Mixed Salad

Black/Brown Rice

Oatmeal (only first 14 days)


Balsamic Vinaigrette

Himalayan Sea Salt

Ms. Dash Seasonings

Coconut Oil

Days 1-10:: 

Star in Ten Diet Plan to Kick things off! My plan is simple, effective and helps you build muscle while burning fat, check that out here.

Days 10-16::

High Carb:: 1 Day

Low Carb:: 3 Days

Days 16-22::

High Carb:: 1 Day

Mod Carb:: 1 Day

Low Carb:: 2 Days

Health Box sponsored me for one of those days check out what I ate here <—

Days 22-25::

Water Manipulation set by Coach Steve (here)

So all in all, my diet was VERY simple so that is why the first thing I craved off the stage was hummus.. yes hummus, salty, seasoned HUMMUS!

Post Bikini Competition Food

Here is the last part of the competition after I placed top 5::

Fitness Competition Recap
HECK YES! For only 25 days of preparation I got THIRD PLACE in my class! I did not even think I would PLACE, I honestly did this to prove to myself that you can do ANYTHING you put your mind too!

Right now I am reverse dieting which is difficult because my body was just under a lot of stress with my dieting for the show. I am slowly increasing my calories, eating out with friends and have been enjoying a few treats including popcorn, vegan jelly beans + wine! I think the most important thing is that I enjoyed the process, I enjoyed being on stage + I am determined to BUILD my booty and make my way back up this year!

courtney bentley

I want to let you all know that you can do ANYTHING you want, you can have a goal, a dream or a wish and you CAN make it happen. Set a deadline, set a GOAL and write down everything you need to do to make it HAPPEN!