fitness fashion for women Every so often I like to get FUNKY like in a funky fresh sense and mix it up old skool I pulled out the old adidas crop top and came pretty close to throwing on some hoops but at that point I would look more like a hip hop dancer than a gym goer…

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Fitness Fashion

I used to be one of those girls that wore her PJs to the gym, literally not kidding.. but then I realized how unprofessional I looked and after wearing actual outfits or “costumes” as some of my friends call them, I realized how much better I performed at the gym and how much more confident I felt.

courtney bentley

I was chatting with a friend the other day about how a blow out made us instantly feel like a million bucks and neither one of us could put our finger on why such a simple thing could change our moods, our attitude and our chicness all at once. It really is cross to me how a cute outfit, a blow out, gloss and for myself a spray tan makes me turn into superwoman. When I look like hell I get NOTHING done, feel sad and make every excuse to sit at home and cook in the kitchen all day..BORING!

So the next time you feel like sulking around all day and being negative nancy, put on some lip gloss, curl your hair and put on a cute outfit + I can almost promise you, you can take on the world!

So I wanna know..

  • How will you go about the rest of the year?
  • Do you get weekly blowouts? I am kinda on one right now with those..

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