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Moving to Bangkok as an expat is quite a unique experience, not because of the culture shock, that is evident, but because you get to meet to the most interesting people on the planet (at least I think so). I met Sandi when I first started Bangkok Babes Bootcamp last year and had heard many amazing things about her and her practice as a naturopath and acupuncturist. Not only is Sandi into a healthy lifestyle, she is young, vibrant and beautiful! After meeting her and picking her brain a bit, I took a look at my own life and was so motivated to make some changes to create a better me that I started working with her on a weekly basis. Sandi works with me on my adrenal fatigue and hormonal balance and with only a month into our sessions I can tell you I feel much calmer, need 0 coffee to get me through a hectic active day and have stopped feeling short of breathe.

Not only has she inspired me to get back into educating myself (I just took on a hormone course through my fitness association) but she has inspired me to slow down and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me and breathe it all in (literally)! She is a true inspiration, smart and her hunger for knowledge and to share this knowledge inspires me every single day so I am so excited to introduce you all to her.

Sandi Ross

♡ Tell us a little about you – a current project or goal you are tackling? 

I am a naturopath, nutritionist and acupuncturist from Australia. I work with female hormonal disorders, digestion, children’s allergies, stress support and mental health for both men and women.

I hold a Bachelor in Health Science (Nutrition and Complementary Medicine) and a Masters in Health Science (Traditional Chinese Medicine). I have been mentored by great doctors and worked with some of the best in my field (all in my short life so far). I have been in full time clinic for 6 years now (how time flies), and this year I am also starting to blog about all things healthy. I have recently written an E-book on detoxification “The 21 Day Cleanse”, and will have the recipe companion out later in the year.


♡ What got you into TCM and when did you know this was your passion?

At a young age, a naturopathic doctor healed me, by just a few acupuncture needles and a diet change. I was so inspired by my healing, that I have spent my life from then on learning about the human body and its innate healing mechanisms.

Naturopath and Accupuncture

♡ How do you define “wellness”? What does it mean to “be well” to you?

Wellness is a healthy mind and body. It’s about a balance between all the systems in the body, from the food you eat, the thoughts you create to the energy (Qi) you circulate.

I believe in moderation. A little wine, occasional cheese and even a little gluten! (yes, I said it!). (p.s WHY I LOVE HER) However, I see a lot of people are all or nothing. I have mostly a gluten, dairy and refined sugar free diet, but I wouldn’t freak out if I can’t always access my ideal foods. Finding the perfect balance, excepting when we have to relax and let go but staying focused majority of the time is how you maintain wellness.

♡ What is the biggest misconception when it comes to detoxing? 

I recently read an article on social media about how detoxing is a myth. Well, this is wrong! In our liver, we have metabolic detoxification pathways that are responsible for metabolizing everything that enters your body. This includes toxic substances, hormones, and unwanted chemicals. The liver converts these substances, to a non-toxic form that the body can then safely excrete. Excretion of toxins is via the skin, bowels and urine; so these supportive organs need to be in tiptop shape to prevent the reabsorption of toxins back into the blood stream. Naturally we can metabolize toxins so we don’t need to actually go on a detox. However, with an overloaded toxic system, alcohol, stress, medications, polluted environment and mentality, detoxifying can allow so many benefits.

Detoxifying however should be done slowly and is best done over a period of at least 21 days.  This is why my E-book “The 21 Day Cleanse”, works on all the organs of elimination, not just the liver over a 3 week period.

We change the oil in our cars, the filter in our water systems, so we should indeed service our body.

21 Day Detox Program

NOTE: This book is the bees knees, unlike other detox books she is an actual naturopath and teaches you why you need to detox, how to do it and make it easy for you to do it whether you are a beginner or have done several cleanses before. Totally doing this after my competition in Jan! Grab your copy HERE <—

♡ What is one natural beauty product you cannot live without?

My favorite thing is to snap off fresh Aloe Vera and rub it all over my face before bed. Natural toner, antioxidants for cell protection and it’s free! Otherwise, I would say coconut oil, its great for everything internal and external, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

Sandi Ross Bangkok Naturopath

♡ Tell us about your perfect day – start to finish. What would you do and who would you spend your time with?

I would wake at a bungalow on the beach rising with the sun, drink a large glass of warm water with lime, and then sit on the balcony with the view. (detox 101)

I would then go for a run along the sand bare foot, then finish with my yoga and mediation.

For breakfast I would make a smoothie, with local fruits, coconut, some rice protein, nut butter and some cacao nibs.

I love what I do, so even in a dream life, I would go to the clinic, or spend some time skyping clients, and writing about health, while sipping herbal tea all day long.

Lunch is normally quinoa, grilled vegetables; boiled egg, lime juice, pink salt and olive oil. (YUMMMYYYY)

In the afternoon I might have a cold pressed juice, bliss ball, a raw treat or my all time favorite hummus, along with a matcha green tea or rooibos.

Afternoons: I miss the surf, so I would squeeze some beach time in there for sure. Otherwise I would go to a yoga class, see my family or unwind at home (I have become massively introvert these days, and love it!)

Evenings: I would cook dinner for my partner Jesse and myself. This might be a super food salad, a vegetable soup, and bean patties, home made Mexican or a stir-fry. I would unwind with a book, or watch a documentary. Ideally I would try to meditate even if it’s the in the form of gratitude.

I would have lights out no later than 10.30 pm so I can get my 8 hours of sleep.

♡ Any fears moving to Thailand from the Gold Coast?

Only when I first arrived to Bangkok. My job can be intense, and at first all my clients would ask my age, and how much experience I had. Now all my clients are word of mouth so no more debriefing. I had no problems with culture change, it was only hard to source all my food at first.

♡ Share a quote that best describes your outlook on life. 

Bangkok Expat Accupuncturist

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