journey to the stage

Countdown to my walk on stage is 21 days away..I am pinching myself at the fact I signed up to do this show but hey you only live once and knowing myself the only way I get things moving is if I put pressure on myself by setting a date.

During my prep I will share my progress, food and my motivation to keep going towards my big day!

fitness competition progressJanuary 1: Clicked REGISTER on the website, crossed my fingers, flipped out and went into planning mode. I wrote out my plan and started the prep work at the grocery store and scheduling in my workouts in my calendar. I did a shoulder workout and 40 minutes of cardio, 10 minutes on the stair master (my ass needs it) + 30 minutes on the treadmill on an incline. I did high carbs this day to kick things off.

January 2: Tried a new tanning product with patchy success. I then did back, bicep and 30 minutes on the stair master with a low carb diet. I got measured for my bikini and tried on the structure of my bikiniĀ and felt super motivated! I have watched a million fitness competition prep videos on YouTube and every girl says that trying on a bikini really motivates you and they were not kidding! I put that thing on and swore off wine for good (at least for now).

January 3: Woke up and felt good after a day of low carbs and went to the gym to crush my legs. My legs are my weakest part so I have to focus and work on building my booty! Another low carb day which I will NEVER ever again do on leg day, but I had to in order to get on schedule. I did my weigh in on a body fat machine at the gym to get my starting point and will post those results on my Vlog so check that out (coming soon)!

January 4: Low carb day again, these days are the hardest which is funny because I am used to being on the lower carbohydrate side naturally. I had bootcamp with the Bangkok Babes, did 20 minutes on the stair master + chest + calves! (NO PHOTO, totally forgot)

So I wanna know..

  • Have you ever signed up to do something you weren’t sure was possible?
  • Have you ever kicked FEAR in the butt and just went for it?