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As part of my “self love’ campaign (check that post out here) I am going to start doing a fitness fashion series. I truly love fashion + although I spend majority of my week in Lorna Jane crops, tennis shoes + a workout tank I LOVE to do my hair, put on makeup and dress up. I am always in sort of an “active” type outfit which in the fashion world is defined at “active street wear,” although sometimes you may catch me all dolled up in a dress rocking Loubs with my precious new Stella bag.

Fitness Fashion: L.A.M.B.

fitness fashion1

I tend to wear clothes that I can go from lunch to a client to my own workout in. I am a “functional” fashionista in that sort so that is why I LOVE this LAMB outfit. I literally love how chic it looks all zipped up with heels and all open with sneaks.

I bought this outfit during my last trip to Los Angeles and literally fell in love with the entire collection. I ended up buying three pieces from the spring 2014 L.A.M.B collection and wish I had boughten more but they did not have my size! I picked up this sports bra at a local Thai market and love wearing it when I need to just chill. Lately I have been on ONE since I am competing in a week so I am wearing my “chill” sports bra to make sure I am relaxing and enjoying the process.

fitness fash

Little update on my competition prep: I am doing a-ok! I really want to share constant updates but it has been difficult because I am learning SO much myself. Next time I think I will hire a coach because there is SO much information online! One minute I am reading to keep on my macros, the next I am reading to eat tons of carbs four days pre-show and no food the day of the show plus NO water..Of course I want to look my BEST on show day + for sure want to avoid ending up like those girls who blow up like a balloon from edema after a show..YES this happens, want to see it google bikini model edema, CRAY!

My plan has been to carb cycle which has worked well for me in the past, to drink some red wine day of my show and tapper down on water as well. Since this is my FIRST show and I only hired a posing coach (THE BEST EVER, post on this soon), I just plan to show up knowing I did my best!

I believe that sometimes you just have to dive in and do something so you can learn from it, learn how to be better the next round or just learn that what you thought was so amazing really is not SO amazing for you. You would never know you loved or did not like something unless you went for it and tried it, whether it be KALE, strutting a bikini on a runway or lifting weights!

So I wanna know..

Are you taking January 2015 by storm? Have you done anything to just do it and learn from it? Any bikini girls out there want to throw me some advice?

Photos By: Monika Lauridsen