After many years weightlifting and dreaming of walking the stage I finally took the plunge and decided I would do it. Yes, this is a HUGE decision considering the fact the show is in 24 days and after the holidays but I really just want to get my act together and make my dreams a reality.

goal 2015

New Years always comes with a resolution or change you want to make, last year for me it was to let go of fear and doubt and just do what my heart tells me too. That notion lead me into 2014 with a beautiful year filled with magical moments where I was able to speak at events and take the jump into creating a space for my group classes, dancing more and not caring what others think of me and my passions.

Motivational Speaker Courtney Bentley

So of course after a year of bliss I had to ask myself, What’s Next? This is a question all entrepreneurs ask themselves because you have to ride that train. I had always wanted to compete in a fitness competition and even set a goal two years ago to do it but let it pass due to wanting a baby instead. Now that my goals have changed, my life has changed and I live in another country I feel completely ready to rock the stage and strut my hard work in the gym.

What made me decide this? Well, I was browsing Facebook and one of my FB friends said I am entering a fitness competition in 23 days with a link so I clicked it and I suddenly felt butterflies in my stomach. I had not felt these little guys since I fell in love with my husband so I knew it was something I had to do. I immediately signed up and started doing my research.

I will be sharing my journey to the stage with you all so stay tuned, I look forward to looking back on it all and seeing how my diet and workouts change throughout.

Excuse the messy room, this is my office and first photo after I signed up online. Yes, that is a selfie stick and yes I have a million butterflies running through my stomach!

Courtney Bentley Contest Prep

I am still putting together my prep but lookout for that. I have never done this before and I know that my first time walking the stage will be more of an experience then an actual trophy situation but I am excited to get up on the stage and make my goal happen!

Happy New Year Everyone!
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SO I wanna know..

  • Any advice for me fellow bikini competitors?
  • Have you ever taken the plunge and decided to do something out of your comfort zone but that you always wanted to do?