How to Boost Your Energy Naturally

You need energy to keep up with the holiday madness. While coffee sounds like the best idea ever to keep you through the shopping madness, it really can be the most detrimental cycle for your well being. One shot of espresso quickly turns to four, which then becomes an every morning cup to an additional 4 p.m. rut cup. With these four food combinations, you are sure to transition from a caffeine roller coaster to an energizer bunny. These four combinations are easily found in health food shops or you can always order off of IHERB.COM (be sure to use my code LDZ954or click the link to save $).

Natural Energy Boosters

Spice Up Your Life: Curry and Ginger

The combination of curry and ginger rev up your blood circulation and get oxygen coursing through your veins. Oxygen to your cells is needed and adding power packed duo ginger and curry, you are such to spice up the day. Street stalls in Bangkok serve Thai dishes like Green Curry which has the perfect amount of both of these spices and makes a great lunch, just ask for light coconut milk to keep this dish light In calories. You could also enjoy vegetables with curry powder and a side of ginger tea.

metabolism boosters

The Master Combo: Cayenne, Lemon and Ginger

If you have ever tried the master cleanse this combo may sound familiar. Instead of maple syrup, use ginger, which binds with the cayenne and lemon to create a cleansing agent and flush out bacteria and unwanted toxins in the body. High in antioxidants, vitamin C, and stimulates the metabolism, this master combination will keep you on high alert all day long. In Bangkok, ginger tea is served at most cafes, just remember to bring your own cayenne pepper! Start your day off with ginger tea, half a lemon and a pinch of cayenne pepper and get that metabolism rolling and your energy at an all time high for the rest of the day.

Aloe Aid: Raw Aloe, Young Coconut and Lime

Nature’s Gatorade will keep you hydrated, give you a beauty boost and reduce bloat all at the same time. Your digestive system may be in acidic state causing you to feel tired, giving your body a reason to want a break. Give your body what it needs by cooling it down with aloe and coconut water. Mixing in juice from a fresh lime will give you an anti-inflammatory and boost your immune system. With aloe aid you are giving your body enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and a cleanse to the blood. Add in raw aloe and lime to your coconut water to boost these benefits! I am currently fighting my cities hot blanket so I try to enjoy this beverage on the regular.

natural energy boosters

Buzz Through Your Day: Bee Pollen and Coconut Oil

Energy in a spoon, bee pollen and coconut oil will make you feel as if you are Queen Bee. Bee Pollen,  is easily found all over in herbal or health food stores. Filled with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and protein this combination of super foods is ideal for those who want to skip the caffeine. The essential fatty acids in coconut oil assists in weight loss and thyroid functions. One note, many people are allergic to bee pollen, so be sure to get tested before trying to see if your body can handle its many benefits. Ideally you want to take 15 mL of organic coconut oil and 15 mL of organic bee pollen, place in mouth and chew. I can promise you this tastes like dessert and you will almost feel guilty for enjoying it!

So the next time you hit that energy slump, remember to skip that second espresso and pick one mother natures four food combinations to pick that day right back up.