Being abroad in a new country can do many things to you as a person. For myself,  it has helped me grow and explore new hobbies and has tested my abilities as a human to adjust to new cultures, climates and foods. My first expat experience in Cabo San Lucas, I learned about natural foods and attracted new friends in my life who were already experts in this field. I spent the last few months in Cabo learning about superfoods, raw vegan nutrition and why natural foods should fuel our bodies. I moved back to Los Angeles with a new appreciation for these foods and got to explore my new found love deeper due to stores like Whole Foods and raw cafes like Cafe Gratitude and the sudden appearance of Raw Juice/Smoothie bars on every corner.

By the time I got my raw juices perfected to suit my taste buds, found my favorite vegan restaurants (Hugos, Cafe Gratitude) and smoothie bars, we moved across the world to Thailand. Moving from Los Angeles the mecca of being “healthy chic” to South East Asia where plastic and sugar is used in everything, brought about new struggles. The supermarkets had limited organic supplies and I had to order any type of superfood that was not from a coconut, and to this very day my all natural lifestyle is not as “organic” as I would like to roll with. Making connections and finding the in’s and outs of living this lifestyle is made possible through Twitter.

raw vegan treats

Twitter in Bangkok is a way to connect with other expats and discover new friends who have similar interests in natural living and because of Twitter I have found speciality supermarkets like Sunshine Market, IHerb (my life supply) and experts like Dr. Jennifer MS Robertson (website).

The raw food lifestyle is one I admire. It is a true dedication and passion to live the lifestyle, especially being abroad. You only have limited resources unless you want to pay a high import fee at a health food import store or are willing to cross your fingers and await your package (IHERB is the best I have found).

I attended a workshop this Sunday that I truly enjoyed not because the treats, as shown in these photos, but because I learned to have a more relaxed approach to this type of lifestyle. Jennifer, raw food chef extrordinare and inspiration for the day really made sure to show substitutions for ingredients easily found here in Bangkok and even where to buy hard to find ingredients. She is a true expert in her field and I left inspired to do more research and start “raw” creating my own treats!

My heart thumped when she brought out her arsenal of super foods for us to roll our truffles in:


I would LOVE to say I had photos of everything but things just kind of went straight into my mouth for taste testing and never made it back for photos so this is all I have. When I say things were DELICIOUS I mean they were D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S:

raw pumpkin pie

The beauty of each and every one of these treats were they were created using all natural ingredients and once you taste a raw vegan dessert there is no need to go back to its sugary + processed evil twin.


Check out Jennifer on FACEBOOK + on her WEBSITE

and if you live in Bangkok be sure to attend one of her courses it will change the way you think about food + teach you some amazing ways to whip up healthy sweets for the family!