Post Thanksgiving Workout

We all get down + dirty on Thanksgiving, think wine, sweet potato mash, TURKEY + more wine..maybe some pumpkin pie (sans dairy) + MORE wine..

Well maybe just me..but if you are anything like me you may need a boost come Friday in the workout department. I will be lying on the couch being a lazy bum after Thanksgiving but come Friday I will need to lift myself off of the couch and sweat out the feast prior.

To encourage you to do the same I thought it would be fun to do a Post Thanksgiving Workout using the same couch I will be lying on post feast. Do this full body workout to get your metabolism flowing and enjoy the rest of your weekend guilt free. You could also do this workout before the feast and step into the feast on a healthier note as I will be doing with my bootcamp girls that morning!

Post Thanksgiving Workout

Post Thanksgiving Workout

Post Thanksgiving Workout::

Squat Pulse: If you have ever rocked your way through a Barre type class you know about this burn. In this exercise I want you to dig deeper into the flute by bending forward and holding onto a sturdy surface, the key here is to stretch the hamstrings out and engage your core while activating your glutes. You should not feel this in your lower back, if you do, just do regular squats.

Sumo Squat: Stand with your feet hip distance apart, with your knees turned out as well as your feet. Bend as deep as you can and if you find this easy double pulse it before standing up straight.

Tricep Dips: You can do these anywhere and these should be done ALL OF THE TIME! Many women complain of “bingo arms,” “bat wings,” “second hello arms,” etc but ladies there is no excuse! No matter how strong or weak you may feel doing these will create strength in your tricep muscles and if you have a pair of weights add in some kickbacks for an extra burn!

Tap It Out: This if my favorite way to engage my lower core and thighs as well as get my heart pumping. Tap your foot onto a a surface that is at least above the knee, make sure to keep your tapping leg turned out into a front attitude position and lift with your abs to lift the other leg up and switch as quickly as you can.

Courtney Bentley

Ok now stop reading and go do this workout! Give me a comment below once you have completed it and enjoy your Turkey Feast 🙂