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I have a fellow blogger I would love to introduce you all too, Eilse of A Piece of Elise

Fitness Fashion


No really though, if you are trying to put together an outfit this girl will inspire you to put together an outfit instead of throwing on jeans and a white tee and heading out the door. Elise is a fashion muse, with her sophisticated yet fun style she gives you inspo to take your everyday outfit and add that chic twist to look complete.

When I met Elise at a networking event, I instantly gravitated towards her oversized blazer and beautiful smile and the minute I heard she was a blogger, I attacked her. If you know me, I am kind of a loud mouth and will just run over and bombard someone with questions and excitement! After I viewed her blog, I was hooked and I have had the pleasure of her attendance in my Bootcamp classes. We both decided it would be cool to collab and finally got to doing so this past week.

We met at Siam Square, which is a hub for all things trendy in Bangkok and after searching high and low and almost being run over by motorcys and taxis we made it to a hideaway Pink Park. A day full of giggles, we attempted to have randoms take our photos until we both figured out how to use self timer on our cameras and BAM SNAP here you go..

A Piece of Fitness Fashion


Resistance Bands make for a great accessory piece.

{ Wearing :: Active Vest By: Lyn Around :: Sports Bra: Champion :: Resistance Band: Bangkok Kettlebells}


Sneaker wedges are sporty yet spicy + are the perfect footwear for Bangkok.

{ Wearing :: Target Sneaker Wedges }


Fitness is better with FRIENDS..DUH.

{ Pants: Bangkok Street Vendor :: }

 { Elise :: Pants:: Black Milk Skeleton Pants  Top:: Lululemon }


{ Laughs.:.Giggles.:.Fun }

Fitness Fashion

Music fuels the soul.

{Bag :: Lululemon }

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