Natural Beauty Products

When I started on my journey towards having a baby I gave all my everyday products a natural makeover to give my body a break from toxic ingredients. Over a year later, still no baby I am still overly conscious of my product choices even when it comes to my glam time.

The products photographed here are second time purchases because I am not a fan of bloggers who post things they tried once + are “OBSESSED” with. These are tried + repurchased and are now staples in my routine.

Natural Beauty Products

+Caribbean Solutions: Beach Colours Natural Self Tanner:: After trying to order ECO TAN + finding the $30.00 USD shipping rate to be absurd I took to my IHERB search engine and came across this gem. No fancy packaging, no marketing that I have seen but this organic + natural sunless tanning lotion works wonders! It says you can apply the product for two days straight but if you are pale like myself once is enough and two times for the legs when you want to wear a miniskirt. The solution is white, thick + goopy so be sure to exfoliate really well before application. Caution: Be sure to wear gloves as the solution will get on your nails and cuticles + will turn them a funky color. The only con I have for this product is it does not leave your skin evenly so be sure to exfoliate your entire body after 5-7 days.

The price is unbeatable + the fact it has organic shea butter, organic aloe + natural DHA (the chemical that makes you tan) makes it perfect for those who are looking to introduce less toxins to there skin. I loved this product so much I bought some for my girlfriend because we are sunless tanaholics!

natural sunless tanning

::Price $11.20 BUY HERE ::

+Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil

I rid of my cellulite by dry brushing with oils, massage, placing my legs on a wall upside down and using this scrub but when I had to take hormones in order to attempt to get pregnant the cellulite came back + some varicose veins (UGH estrogen) I started using Birch Cellulite Oil after reading about a blogger who used them on her pregnancy stretch marks. I saw the before/after photos and knew I had to try it.

The oil has a “natural” smell meaning you will smell a bit like a hippie but it works. Slowly but surely with use straight in the AM before seeing my personal training clients and right after washing my face before bed I am able to see a difference.

::Price $20.86 BUY HERE ::

+Kiss my Face: face factor SPF 50:

Because sunscreen DUH..I have been off and on with sunscreen because it makes me break out MAJOR! I am that girl and trust me it sucks to be me because living in Bangkok you need super powered sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. I found Kiss my Face after reading several reviews and can say that I still get a few pimples but it has been better at keeping my face sun spot and burn free.

::Price $9.95  BUY HERE ::

+Crystal Body Deodorant Spray:

A natural deodorant that actually works is tough to come by. Trust me after using Toms in high school and realizing I stunk worse then a skunk after only a few hours I ran to the nearest drug store and bought Secret Active again. The reason I am PRO natural deodorant is because we put this chemical on our bodies near our lymph nodes. Lymph nodes route lymph fluid around the body to work on filtering germs and toxins and because this fluid also contains white blood cells it fights off infections as well. If your body is forced to fight off deodorant that sweats into your skin it wastes its time fighting off that and not on what matters inside. Finding an all natural deo is quite tough, I have had my ups and downs but Crystal has stayed by my side and helped me through a sweaty day in BKK.

::PRICE: $3.20  BUY HERE ::

Wearing makeup, picking out my outfit + twirling my hair is all part of my ME do NOT mess with me or bother me while I am putting on my self tanner and bronzer, its a situation…I try to keep my products as chemical free as possible and although I know this is actually impossible since I love makeup but I do try. If you know of any products, please feel free to leave me some suggestions in the comment box, I love trying out new beauty products!