For the last two years I have been having difficulty breathing. As a fitness professional this is not OK, the lack of breathe when I run or the loud exhale when I lift tells others that I am out of shape when of course this is NOT the case whatsoever. Actually I am in the best shape of my life. and after leaving the cardiologist and having to jump up and down on a treadmill I was told my resting heart rate is that of an athletes (not to BRAG but pretty cool).

why you need to breatheThis lack of breathe is due to the fact I do not take the time to breathe correctly. Yes, there is a CORRECT way to breathe and you may be just like myself and be short cutting yourself from oxygen and a relaxed body + mind.

I never realized how bad my breathe was until I started lifting heavy in the gym again. I cycle 8-12 weeks so 8-12 weeks heavy lifting, 8-12 weeks maintenance lifting with HIIT style cardio and 8-12 weeks HIIT style cardio with bodyweight exercises, maybe some weights. I am back on my heavy cycle and let me tell you the power of an exhale can take you up into a higher weight load and give you super POWERS I swear.

So onto deep breathing, this free tool we all possess is a tool that you personally need to take the time to learn how to do correctly. I mean I could say to you breathe MORE but what does that do if you are breathing incorrectly..

I could also say dip into meditation or yoga practice which is something I personally need to get my butt in gear with but if you are not into it then it will be of no help to you. Deep Breathing is something we can all get into, it takes no time, it takes very little effort and if you practice on the regular I think it is safe to say you will experience some awesome benefits.

Why You Need to Breathe MORE:

  • You Calmer: Growing up I always heard the term “take a deep breathe” whenever you feel stressed. There is no hidden agenda here, deep breathing scientifically relaxes the body. When you take a deep breathe, (talking all the way into the tummy breathe) you relax your bodies relaxation response which in a stressful situation is amped up. Remember to take deep breaths before acting on your stress or tumbling down the anxiety rabbit hole. Just breathe.
  • You Relaxed: Practicing breathe throughout your day calms your nervous system down and gives your body the oxygen it needs. Take the time to step back from a stressful day or situation take three deep breaths (how to below) + enter back into the reality in a calm state.
  • You Detoxed: Deep breathing stimulates the lymphatic system and since our bodies are constantly moving out toxins we need our carrier of these toxins our lymphatic system to be in good motion. When a cell is dead it needs to be removed and through deep breathing our lymph nodes receive the oxygen it needs to flow properly making you a less toxic chicka.
  • You Weightless: Ever hear of the term “excess post oxygen consumption?” Basically this means your body is sucking in more oxygen in order to provide oxygen to the muscles  to repay its lactic acid debt (why your muscles BURN). Well when you take deep breathes this triggers your bodies calm state which gives our bodies the oxygen it needs to burn FAT and help build muscle which also burns FAT.

how to breathe

How to Deep Breathe:

According to Marks Daily Apple:

  • Simply get comfortable in any position and put your hands on your chest and stomach.
  • To maximize oxygen intake, it’s important to learn to breathe from your abdomen (“belly breathing”) rather than your chest. Focus on your breath until you feel your stomach rise and fall more dramatically than your chest with each inhalation and exhalation.
  • Breathe in through your nose, hold the breath for a few seconds and then exhale through your mouth. The time it takes to exhale should be about twice what it is to inhale. (Many suggest a 4:7:8 pattern – 4 to inhale, 7 to hold, and 8 to exhale.) Let go of other thoughts while you breathe.
  • Do 4-8 breath cycles 1-3 times every day.

Like I mentioned there is a WAY to do this and if you practice it will become a practice + you my friend will enjoy the benefits!

I can personally tell you this has helped me out so much this week and I feel like a weight has lifted from my shoulders.

SO I wanna know..

Who is breathing with me right now?

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