A 4 year sugar binge in high school led me to believe that NO day was complete without sugar. I mean real deal sugar highs were a necessity to life, bags of Swedish Fish consumed me and if I did not have my fix it was a situation.a serious situation..

So that led me to a sugar free lifestyle, chewing sugar free gum, eating sugar free crystal light to completely cutting out anything + everything sweet (YES even fruit) to using some stevia whenever I need something sweet, to even now I dip into sugar (rare but it happens..)

That is when I moved to Thailand and realized that the stevia I had been using was not stevia after all..it was a hoax. The stevia I was buying was WHITE (eek!) + had all sorts of gunk in it to make it taste decent because actual stevia from the herb plant is BITTER..I mean seriously bite your tongue bitter.

how to make liquid stevia.jpg

So in order to make it right I did what I do best and that is become a Google Gweep (one who googles all day until they find many answers). That is when I discovered Liquid Stevia and went on IHerb.Com (THE BEST STORE EVER) + ordered some organic vanilla liquid stevia which was mind blowinging delicious.

Then I do what I do second best which is recreate expensive items that I refuse to pay for because I know I can make it myself..

So I google gweeped yet again and found this recipe..

How to Make Liquid Stevia (Found here)

What You Need:

  • Stevia Leaves (ground, I just cut my leaves and used my coffee bean grinder)
  • Unbleached Coffee Filter
  • Coffee Mug
  • Hot Water
  • Small Dropper Bottle (dark is best)
  • Flavor agent (I used cinnamon powder)

It literally took me 7 minutes to make and I can now enjoy cinnamon sweetened cold brew coffee (check out my recipe here) every AM to keep me buzzing through my day. Trust me a weekend of moving across town, this sweetness was NEEDED!


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