Throw down your Louis + lets get real, that thing weighs 10 lbs…

But before you go to empty it, lets use it as a tool to get our sweat on..

The Purse Workout

Did you know that hauling around your life in a bag could be the reason you have muscle imbalances + your posture suffers? Rid of all that unwanted stuff in your purse and live a back, neck and shoulder pain FREE life! I can tell you that drooped to one side look is NOT hot and all it takes is cleaning our your bag. I promise you, that you can live without those expired coupons for free yoga classes and empty lipstick tubes.

But before you clean that crap out, rock this workout with me:

The Purse Workout

SO I wanna know..

  • What is your must have bag this season? I am lusting for a Celine Phantom (I know I know) 😉

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