My AM routine has been the same for a few years now.

I start every morning off with an affirmation for the day, set my intentions and take a deep breath.


Then I head into the kitchen and heat up some warm water, squeeze an organic lemon inside and continue organizing my day. Once this is enjoyed, I head back into the kitchen for my main squeeze ACV, then back into my room to dry brush to start up my circulation. Most recently I have been adding my slim shot, details on that another day, and start to prepare my breakfast. Depending on my planned activity I either have overnight quinoa (recipe found here), egg white pancakes, or straight egg whites with some veggies on the side. Writing this all out makes me feel a bit like a crazy lady, but it really does not take as long as it sounds…promise.

Within all of this AM madness, I am getting ready, washing my face while breakfast cooks, preparing playlists for my group class, and answering emails.

Set your morning up for a successful day!

This routine was my dealio everyday for years, yes even on vaca. When I moved to Bangkok, I knew I would be in my routine as for me it is just like brushing my teeth. The problem was lemons especially organic lemons rounded out to almost $1.50 USD a piece. Back in the states, I could get a weeks worth of lemons for that. Limes in Thailand are like pennies compared to lemons, which I find odd as they take the same amount of effort to grow. I had to do some research to find out if lemons contained the same properties as limes.

After a few google searches I came to find that limes and lemons are pretty much the same damn thing. Thank goodness because my bank account was starting to cry whenever I walked into the store to buy lemons.

lime detox

Properties of Limes + Lemons: Lime Lessons

+Anti-Cancer Properties


+Vitman C


+Outstanding phytochemicals that are high in anti-oxidants

+Improves digestion, the qualities of lime/lemons are similar to our digestive enzymes

+Relief for constipation

+Can add to enhance flavor of any food or beverage at 0 calories

Basically, the only difference is the taste, shape + if you are at the store and they are having a sale on organic limes get crazy and stock up!

lime detox

Reasons I Love Lime/Lemons:

+ Whenever I feel bloated or acidic I boil water and add lime or lemon, drink and find relief almost instantly.

+Whenever I feel sick I take some raw honey, sea salt, hot tea and lime or lemon and sip, I almost always feel better

+If I have a wild night out and campaign for champagne, the next morning I have ACV + lime/lemon and green tea with a pinch of sea salt and always feel ready to rock n roll!

Basically, I enjoy lime/lemons all day everyday and always tell people to get crazy and add them to everything..

So now that this is the case, will you stick with lemons to detox or venture over to limeland?

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