Perfectly beached out ringlets that took hours but looked natural, long eyelashes that stood straight + thick and a three layer face contour that made my twice spray tanned skin look sun kissed. This was the norm for me in Los Angeles. Photo of me on the right is in LA, left is in Bangkok..hats are needed to hide hair frizz in BKK in LA they are needed to make a statement <3 Courtney Bentley Fitness Blogger A glamour girl through thick and thin (literally at JJ Market full face makeup) I had to take my beauty routine and Bangkok proof it. The weather here is unlike any type of weather I had ever experienced. My cowlick is now a curly q that looks like I never wash my hair + my sudden sun kissed sparkle is now a blotched out ghost + my makeup..yah, the sweat has moved it from perfection down to the tunnel of doom.. Becoming tired of watching my face melt, I took to Sephora, which recently opened here in BKK (Thank GOD) + picked up some of my favorite makeup from Tarte. Tarte became an obsession of mine when I was going on my journey to a more natural living lifestyle (read more here). I literally am a tarte-aholic and with each and every product that comes out. Not sure how they do it but they create beautiful pigments + products that actually WORK…

Bangkok Beauty Essentials

bangkok beauty essentials BB Treatment: I can say I swear by the BB Treatment after living in Bangkok and dealing with humidity! I wear that with a dust of finishing powder and I am out the door. This stuff creates a blank slate and makes my skin have a nice soft dewy look. I also like that it has SPF 30 in it so that Bangkok sun is not aging me any longer.

Mascara: When I went for a facial last week my esthetician/girlfriend said to me WOW your mascara really works. Living in Bangkok where your face is melting from the heat you really need a black mascara that holds onto your lashes for dear life so that at least your eyes are wide and bright.

LipTint: My lipbalm/tint is my favorite, it stays on and moisturizes my lips all day long. I love the fat stick and the color is always PERFECTION! balance.jpg Chakra Balance: Before I leave my house to meet a client, I always set an intention. My intention for my day, my mantra for my day and I try to start each day with a breathe of L–O–V–E. I do this with my Chakra 4 Spray from Aveda, which also is my go to perfume. The stress of fighting cab drivers and moto bikes mixed in with being smashed against the BTS door, makes you need a little loving every morning. I love the scent and inhaling a sense of love to start everyday has me singing HAPPY all day long. baking soda face wash.jpg Baking Soda: The heat, humidity and makeup caught up in my large pores has my skin a mess. All of my life people have told me that humidity is the best anti-ager but for myself, humidity and pollution make me break out. I have my acne game on but the problem is the Retin A makes my skin dry. After reading Emma Stone swears by washing her face with baking soda, I HAD to try it. Trust me this stuff is amazing! I mix this with a drip of coconut oil and water to make a paste. I scrub my face gently in a circular motion and get into my lips to get rid of the dry skin and BAM its GLOW TIME!

Caution: DO NOT use everyday, this is a 1 or 2x a week treatment as the pH in baking soda is acidic and can mess with your facial pH balance..

I am still working on my hair so if anyone has any tips I am 100% open! The animal on my head needs some serious taming..

SO I wanna know..

  • What beauty product can you not LIVE without?

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