The other day I was walking through the gym and I noticed a few different things….
One being a girl wearing the cutest Stella McCartney workout outfit like EVER and the other being a lady who you could tell had never walked through a gym before. She was confused, lost and in a state of panic. Being me, I so desperately wanted to run up to her and give her GYM 101, but instead I decided to step back and see which exercises she went for. Of course, bicep curls, traditional crunches and some push ups were on her go to’s but when I saw her do this one exercise, I said to myself O LORDY she seriously needs a Courtney Bentley overhaul..

Waist slimming is an art, a combination of a healthy diet and certain exercises will bash the fat and give you a slim waistline. There are certain exercises you should BAN from your waist slimming routine that is of course if you are looking for that coke bottle body. If not, totally cool, but this post is not for you!

Lose Your Love Handles

1. STOP doing weighted side oblique crunches, dumbbell side bends and weighted Russian Twists.
The lady in my story almost threw out her shoulder picking up a huge 25 kg. weight to do a dumbbell side bend. I almost leaped over the Smith Machine to stop her. For us ladies, this is not the way to go, there are a few exercises I am totally not for, this is one of them.
The oblique muscles are there to pull you in, they are comparable to a waist cincher that people back in the 20’s used to wear under gowns to give that waist a slim down. Oblique muscles need not to bulk as if they build as full muscle, they will give you a square like appearance instead of a cinched like appearance. The only time you can use weights it when you are crunching the front part of the abdominal area. It drives me bonkers when I see a girl pick up at 25 kg. and start doing side crunches, thinking she will get a smaller waist in doing so.
2. Clean up your diet!
Major MAJOR and MORE major is the food you put into your body daily. I know the trend right now is to count your macros and eat a box of pop tarts but unless you are counting your macros (bringing a scale around with you) and out lifting the nearest powerlifter, you need to watch that diet. Now with that said, I have a free ten day challenge that will knock your socks off and help you jump start that weight loss goal. The challenge includes a grocery list, tips on what to eat during those hunger hours and set you up for success with motivational tips.
3. Do these 3 movements.
In this video I will show you the 3 movements you should be doing 2-3 times a week to get a slim waistline. Be sure to do 15-20 reps of each movement about three times. Remember, do not ADD WEIGHTS to these three exercises, to get a slim waist you need to rid of the fat in this section and keep it slender by not adding thick muscle. You can add this workout into your routine at the gym or just plop on down and do it right now!

Lose those Love Handles with 3 Exercises

Lose Love Handles

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SO I wanna know..

Which movement do you see people doing at the gym that drives you bonkers?

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