Bubble butt..she got a bubble butt, I know this song is on my spottily list right now, and I can bet its on yours too..

guilty pleasure right?

Well, if you ever wanted to shape your backside there are a few ways you can do so:

1. Tons of weighted squats, deadlifts, hack squats + lunges
2. The other being lots of plyometric movements (“jump training” or “plyos”, are exercises based around having muscles exert maximum force in as short a time as possible) that target your backside. Combine cardio with butt action movements and you have yourself a nice bubble butt..
3. For the best results, combine both and add in another leg workout like this one, or this one, or heck why not do them all!
and of course these three movements should be added to each and every leg day you encounter..

How To Get a Bubble  Butt: 3 Best Movements

The rapid heart rate, the test of how high I can jump + the after burn make it by far one of my favorite ways to shape up! One thing I notice is many girls neglect the cardio aspect of there weight loss journey and as much as I am a HUGE advocate of weight lifting, you have to add cardio to your regime in order to maximize results. If you are short on time doing plyometrics, using kettle bells or doing active rests (instead of resting doing a short cardio bursts) will keep your heart rate up and kill two birds with one stone.
Just try this workout + let me know how high you go..

Bubble Butt Workout

Click HERE or the image to download your printable workout

So I wanna know..

  • What songs are on your workout playlist right now?

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