Coming to Bangkok opened my eyes to a whole new world. With culture shocks, a new meaning of poverty and a different side of myself coming out I felt the need to give back to my new community. Sure, I have texted to give $10 USD to emergency relief funds, donated old clothes to the Salvation Army and have even donated time at a Church Drug Rehabilitation Center, but actually organizing a group to raise money to give back to someone else..that is something I have not done until now.

The Big Move

Moving to Bangkok was tough, I mean REALLY tough, I left behind all I knew, my perfect home, my best friend, my family, Whole Foods, English, manners, a car, Equinox, Crunch Spin Class, Juice Bars on every corner, Runyon Canyon, the beach..ok you get the picture..but I left behind all that was dear to me for an unknown land. Thailand is and will always be a culture shock, the food is still a year later too spicy, me asking for no sugar and no MSG is frowned upon and the word Organic is far in few between.

Instead of mopping around thinking to myself “What the heck do I do with my life?” I decided to organize a group of women and make it mean something to me and my community.

Goodwill Thailand Bangkok Babes Bootcamp

Bangkok Blues

Being an Expat (expatriate of another country) meeting other expats is simple, you join networking groups, go to happy hours, ladies nights, brunches and eat your way through Bangkok. As a health conscious person, this way of meeting new friends was not for me. I had to do something different so I decided to create a group on Meetup.Com and call it Bangkok Babes, cross my fingers and hope some like-minded new friends would show up.

Bangkok Babes

Bangkok Babes

Turns out, ladies actually showed up, 13 of them. I went home and cried, I could not believe it. At that moment I knew I had created something special, and I knew this group of women would not just be a group of women who got together on Sundays and sweat. A month into it, I decided to start researching women’s homes or ways to help other women. My belief is that as a trainer, I empower women through movement so as a group I wanted US to empower women through education. I somehow came across Goodwill Thailand, an organization that teaches women skill sets like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and English so that they may get a job in an office. I went to visit and crazy enough one location is right near my hair salon. I had walked by it several times. After my first phone call and walk through, I knew The Bangkok Babes could empower this group through having fun and sweating our buns off!


Through laughing, sweating and making new friends, the Bangkok Babes have raised over 30,000 B for Goodwill Thailand! I have also gone to host a bootcamp at Goodwill Thailand and let them know that they are part of the team!

Bangkok Babes

These last six months I have matured and learned that life is about SHARING your gifts, empowering other women and just GOING FOR it! I am so blessed to have my babes and literally thank my lucky stars daily for each and every single one of them! As many of them come and go, each and every single girl holds a special place in my heart and as long as I am in Bangkok I will host these bootcamps in honor of the women of Goodwill Thailand!

Want to become a Bangkok Babe?

Be sure to sign up on,here,  or join the Facebook group, here,  for details, location does change every so often and if I am out of town there is no camp so please check regularly! Recommended donation is 150 B <3


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SO I wanna know..

Have you done anything to give back to your community?

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