Ever wonder how do tapper down that post natal pouch?
I have three essential movements for any mom who wants to slim down that front abdominal area. Not only are these movements a MUST DO, they are easy to do AT HOME and in between feedings/naps.

3 Exercises to Remove Post Natal Pooch {Printable}

Best Exercises Post Natal

1. The Kettle Bell Swing
Kettle bells in general are an incredible GO TO when it comes to deciding what to do at the gym to get the most bang for your buck. Kettle-bells have been around for years but just recently have gained popularity amongst fitness professionals. With any post-natal client I get, I use kettle bells to train them and help tighten that tummy and reshape that backside as well as strengthen the back up again. I also recommend new moms buy a kettle bell to have at home, you can quickly do a 15 minute strength cardio workout and access each and every part of your body with one little tool. Whilst little bundle of joy is at rest, mom can kettle bell swinging her heart out!

Kettle bell swings use your hips, glutes and abdominals to lift the kettle bell up towards your shoulders. Make sure your body is moving the kettle bell and not your arms and be in control as you swing but keep this movement fluid.

Ready to amp it up? Buy a heavier kettle bell!

2. Glute Bridge with Variation

Bridging your hips up is a gentle exercise that will slim down your stomach, shape and tone your booty and open up your hips and pelvis.

Ready for the next step? Add resistance bands by wrapping them around your knees.

3. Plank with Variation (not for diastasis-recti)

THE plank.. the best exercise EVER, at least in my opinion. Not only can you plank ANYWHERE, remember #planking ?, it truly works your entire body. Make sure to keep those hands underneath your shoulders as not to work your shoulders, as it becomes easier hold it longer and add some variations like I show you in the video to that boring old plank exciting!

If you have or think you may have Diastasis Recti, I found an article that explains a mother’s journey to closing hers and which exercises she avoided in order to strengthen her transverse abdominals, just click here to read her journey (http://www.dailyhiit.com/hiit-blog/hiit-life/pregnancy-motherhood/diastasis-recti-properly-train-strengthen-core-flat-abs/)

Post Natal Pooch Workout


Watch this video:

Ready for another workout?

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SO I wanna know..

How long can you PLANK for?

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