Friday night arrives and the last thing you want to do is sit on our couch with a chicken salad and a water splashed with a lemon squeeze, o no, you want to get wild, let loose and rid of the weeks woes. Cocktail in hand, dancing the night away with your girls and dining with that handsome dude of yours. While spring break is around the corner, all you and I can think about is wearing a bikini so the tendency to get boozy hits the “only one” phase.

Since I am a party girl, no really, you can find me on a Friday night Champagne in hand campaigning for the best night ever, I had to find a way to have my drink and actually drink it too, because we all know just ONE is so not worth the calories for a non-buzz effect. Because of this drama, I had to find another way, thank the LORD I moved to Asia because I have discovered one lovely cocktail that you can have more then ONE and enjoy the buzz without wrecking that hot bod you have been working on all winter long.



No longer will you have to skip Friday night drinks with the girls, just invite them over to your place or find a local hot spot to Kanpai (cheers) the night away 🙂

Screw red bull vodka, I have a Green Tea Treat that will give you the same high energy buzz of red bull without the crap chemically enhanced “vitamin mess.”

The Skinniest Cocktail : Asian Diet Secrets


-Shot of Soju

-Splash of Liquid Stevia

-Green Tea

-Muddled Mint or Blueberries (optional)


SO I wanna know..

  • Where are we going tomorrow night?
  • Have you ever tried Soju before? (My favorite brand: TY-KU)


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