Bikini Body Workout

Spring break is AROUND the freakin corner, no seriously I already have my bikinis ready! Right now in Bangkok it is past 100 bazillion degrees and I feel the need to live in my Dri Fit Workout Clothes and/or a bikini because what else is supposed to soak up my pounds of sweat. I seriously feel like I am detoxing on the daily, I think living in one of the hottest places in the world calls for a new fitness method called Bikram Walking.

Although I wish that walking counted as a full length exercise it does not so I have created the perfect sequence to tighten up that tush because Lord knows a flabby behind is not cute.

Bikini Booty Workout

Click the image to download your printable workout!

Bikini Booty Workout

SO I wanna know..

  • What swim suit are you lusting over?
  • Any plans for Summer?

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