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As I revamp my brand and set up meetings all over Bangkok, I have been watching the 8 PM mark on my watch hit before I am even done with my TO DO list. With all of my madness going on, I have been lacking my workout time so being able to workout in my office and in between meetings has been my way of keeping up without having to head to the gym for a one hour solid workout. When I create workouts for my YouTube Channel I keep YOU in mind, I think about time, work and life. I do understand time constraints although I do think if you created a space of time for YOURSELF you will always be able to fit in a workout. I find many of my clients telling me they don’t have time but somehow find time to catch up on junk TV and write on Facebook how bored they are, I always find this interesting, our health is in OUR OWN hands and without making that TIME for YOU, you are putting your own health on the line.

Ok enough of my rant, time to share my latest and greatest workout:

Upper Body Workout For Women

Upper Body Workout NO Equipment

Click HERE to download your PDF to print out and take with you anywhere you go!

SO I wanna know..

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