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Moving to Bangkok you come across many talents, and I luckily came across Pro Makeup Artist and YouTube Beauty Guru Claire Schultz while searching on YouTube. I had to do a double take and was so excited to see Bangkok, Thailand listed as her current home. Immediately I contacted her, I was obsessed with her style, grace and I won’t lie her accent! I invited her to one of my Bangkok Babes Bootcamps as a non creeper way to meet her. I was hosting at a new location which was kind of hidden so since that did not work out we met for tea. After a lovely tea in my favorite part of town, we became instant friends! I mean HELLO, gorgeous, grace and super ORGANIZED all traits I need rubbed off on me. We both now work together as Editors for Expat Ladies Magazine, she as the beauty editor, myself as the fitness editor and I also personal train her.

Courtney Bentley Fitness Guru, Nutrition Expert and Blogger

For a collaboration project her and I wanted to share the benefits of food and beauty. What you eat shines through! I can personally tell you this as I had pizza skin most of my life and I can tell you the minute I cleaned up my diet my skin cleared up, those dark black circles started fading and now the only time I have acne is when I don’t take the time to wash off my makeup happens..but my clean diet makes up for this most of the time.

 Courtney Bentley Fitness Guru, Nutrition Expert and Blogger

Benefits of a healthy diet include avoiding disease, staying trim and also healthy skin, shiny hair and strong nails. With the combination of key nutrients like biotin, zinc, copper, beta-carotene and Vitamin C your beauty woes will soon be forgotten. Snacking on beauty foods such as those listed will increase your health and keep your appearance youthful and beautiful!

+Hard Boiled Eggs: Getting a daily dose of foods high in protein will give you the biotin necessary to keep your hair, skin and nails strong. vital vitamin is essential to providing your body with the building blocks itneeds to keep hair shiny, nails strong and skin soft and youthful. Snacking on hard boiled eggs or enjoying them for breakfast is an easy way to get your essential dose of protein and building block Biotin. Healthy adults need 30 mcg of biotin a day and a single boiled egg contains around 25 mcg of biotin, enough to be able to toss your shiny locks around town!

+Matcha: Derived from Japan, this vibrant green beauty miracle is rich in chlorophyll, catechin content and so high in antioxidants it beats spinach, blueberries and dark chocolate. Green goddess, Matcha has L-theanine, an amino acid mainly found in tea that naturally enhances your mood, sense of well being, and increases your focus and concentration. Matcha is ten times more effective at producing these benefits than your average green tea bag. Add 1-2 tbsp. of matcha to your morning smoothie or find it at your local coffee house. Make sure to keep it healthy and skip the sugar. For a smoothie, mix in almond milk and some natural vanilla bean for a tasty energy and beauty boost. As Audrey Hepburn said, “The happiest girls are the prettiest girls”

+Pumpkin Seeds:The skin on our faces is the most delicate skin and needs extra doses of love everyday. With the harsh sunrays outdoors, combating sun and cell damaged skin with extra UV protection prevents aging and decreases cell damage. Pumpkin seeds contain vitamin E, selenium, zinc and essential fatty acids; add them to your daily skin care arsenal to combat aging and saggy skin. Snack on pumpkin seeds with no additives or salt to experience the high levels of zinc and sun protection, not to worry eating pumpkin seeds will not turn you into a pumpkin, they are low in calories and make a great addition to your morning porridge.

+Cucumber: Instead of just placing cucumbers upon tired eyes for a wake up call try slicing one up and eating a portion daily. Cucumbers are loaded with Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, Folic Acid, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc, all of which are needed to stay youthful and hydrate properly. Our bodies are composed of almost 90% water and most of us are on the verge of being dehydrated anyways and the effects show up on our skin. Throw half a cucumber into your smoothie, or dice it up and toss in with your salad to experience the two antioxidants that boost Vitamin C and elastin.

For Part TWO of our collaboration video please head over to Claire’s Website by clicking this LINK. Not only will you find part 2 of our beauty skin foods, you will learn pro makeup trips to enhance your beauty with makeup. She also does hauls which makes shopping at online and at the Mac counter much easier!

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Courtney Bentley Fitness Blogger, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert

  • Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork

    Thanks for posting this, Courtney! We’ve had a loooong and cold winter here in Massachusetts (more so than usual) and my skin has been so dry, dull, and flaky and I’m sick of it! I’ll definitely try to incorporate more vitamin A in my diet. I love pumpkin and will often put it in my morning yogurt parfait. I’ve also had more sweet potatoes recently than usual, so I’m hoping that will also help! Thanks again! (And I don’t blame you–I also totally dig her accent!)

    • Thank you for coming by for a visit! O no! I will send you some Bangkok HOT sun, its SO hot out here my makeup is sweating off! I never thought to add pumpkin to my yogurt in the am that sounds delish, I will have to try that!! Thank you for sharing <3

  • Claire Schultz

    Awe thanx for the lovely intro (lol! my accent??!!) … so happy to have met you, definitely instant friendship! Loved that we have been able to collaborate on these projects … what shall we do next?? haha!! Much Love xoxo

  • You are doing a perfect job dear. God bless you !!