Hi Star,

There comes a time in everyone’s life where work, kids, friends, partners, family and LIFE just takes a hold of you sucks your energy out and leaves no time to workout. The blast of NO EXCUSES hits my head like a ton of bricks and I am constantly saying that to myself everyday before making the “I am SO tired” excuse myself. Now that I am pulling in new clients and have started a group class as well as looking to do MORE group classes and my charity bootcamp O yah AND I am FITNESS EDITOR, I have to find fun and easy ways to fit in my workouts.


Even if I have to lift my legs at my desk while answering my emails..


or use my water bottles to work my shoulders..


Desk WORKOUT :: How to WORKOUT at your desk

Desk Workout: Workout You Can Do At Work

SO I wanna know..

  • What keeps you from working out everyday?
  • What is your favorite workout group class right now?

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