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The Academy Awards has come and past, we are all still obsessing over Jennifer Lawrences Dior #MAJ and after reading Jennifer Lawrence’s Best Friends Post about the night I am pretty much DYING over her and her life, if you missed it check it out here <–

Anyways, I love googling the latest diet fads and trends celebrities endorse during this awards season. You see and hear it all, baby food crash diets, juicing, breathing (Barbie Girl) and more. It is always interesting to me to hear what celebs are doing to lose those last few lbs. before the big night.

Celebrity Slim Down Secrets

In this video I share 4 tips that are commonly used among super models, actresses and performers to get in tip top shape before the big day!

Celebrity Slim Down: Oscar’s Academy Awards Edition

One of my favorite ways to slim down in just ten days is to challenge myself to the Star in 10! My meal plan that slims you down and gets you started on the right path makes it easy for you to look and feel fabulous at your next event! Check that out by clicking HERE<—

SO I wanna know..

  • Who do you think was best dressed at the Oscar;s?

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