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After a 7 day retreat, relaxing visit I am SO ready to get home and back to training clients + my home! I seriously feel like 7 days is WAY too long to do absolutely NADA..are you with me? or against me?

While on vacation I always find ways to workout, whether it be checking out a local studio or creating my own way to get my sweat on.

Wanderlust Workout + Bali Vacation Photos

::BALI 2014::

The W Resort had a fantastic gym, although it was missing some key gym equipment for a 7 day stay. I split train, so I need all of the wonderful equipment that most gyms have i.e LAT PULL DOWN and a free load bar instead of just a smith machine but hey I did alright considering!

One piece of equipment I always travel with is resistance bands, not only are they easy to throw in your suitcase, you can really get a crazy workout in and get your stretch on, which is one of my main goals this year.


My favorite bands are: SPRI ES501R Xertube Resistance Band (Red, Medium)<— Honestly THE best most reliable bands on the market, I have snapped my face ONE to many times let me tell YOU but the SPRI bands do not snap and are VERY reliable. The RED medium is the best as you can increase the weight without it being WAY too heavy or WAY too light!

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