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In the last post, I had mentioned I was BORED out of my MIND after 7 days of vacationing, I had read my books, made time for the spa, workouts and lots of eating/drinking. After 7 days I get into this OMG I need to get back into my routine before I become a LAZY bum! But as of late I am wishing I can take that 7 day vaca AGAIN, well maybe 4-5 days but still that BEACH in BALI was beautiful and I run around in my bikini again their soon enough..

Resistance Band Workout

As you see my website is lets say a FREAKING MESS but I am REBRANDING which takes some time so my posts may be lacking! I do however keep up on YouTube so feel free to check out my YouTube Channel, Subscribe so that you are updated on all the latest and greatest.

Resistance Band Workout in Bali, IN: 

My favorite bands are: SPRI ES501R Xertube Resistance Band (Red, Medium)<— Honestly THE best most reliable bands on the market, I have snapped my face ONE to many times let me tell YOU but the SPRI bands do not snap and are VERY reliable. The RED medium is the best as you can increase the weight without it being WAY too heavy or WAY too light! 
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