Hi Star,

Pinterest has been an on + off obsession for myself, one minute I am a pinning bandit, then I realize I will never take action on half of the things I just pinned but then all of a sudden I need the information of a pin I pinned and good ol Pinterst comes in handy.

Sometimes I simply get bored and feel like surfing the web.. and what better way to surf the web and discover new blogs, recipes + outfit ideas then with pinterest.

I started a fitness fashion group board because I truly am obsessed with the gym + my gym clothes fashion has taken a few too many hangers in my closet. With the gym bunny mentality exploding brands like Juicy Couture, Nordstrom BP + Stella McCartney are starting to expand into the market and are creating some fashionable gear!

Fitness Fashion Pinterest Board

So again, I have become a pinning addict and want to invite you to join me in my pinning party of fitness fashion! Just click HERE to check out the board and feel free to leave me a comment

SO I wanna know…

  • Are you a pin-a-holic?
  • What is your favorite gym clothes brand?
  • What are your favorite categories to follow and pin?

Courtney Bentley Fitness Blogger, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert