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Courtney Bentley Fitness Blogger #SWEATisHOT CHALLENGE Courtney Bentley Fitness Blogger #SWEATisHOT CHALLENGEPlain + Simple.. 

I am so PROUD of those of you who stuck through the challenge, I know how E-A-S-Y it can be to just throw in the towel + give up but when you start doing this and creating a HABIT of waking up + working out it becomes EASIER + EASIER!

Remember THE challenge is just a KICKSTART to your journey, it is not OVER EVER..think of these last ten days as an opportunity to accelerate your progress + know that what you achieved in these last ten days is an achievement and the chance to see that when you apply yourself you can do ANYTHING, anything at all you put your mind to.

Get UP + move EVERYDAY, never an excuse NOT to take the stairs, park your car far or walk to the store instead of getting in your car, DO IT and reap the benefits!

SO I wanna know..

  • Are you ready for 10 MORE DAYS of challenges? I have a 10 DAY Challenge that will give your nutrition a KICK in the pants. Check it out by clicking HERE <–
  • What are some of your favorite ways to challenge yourself? Right now I am settling into a new routine of oil pulling, dry brushing + stretching before starting my day!

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