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As the holidays come a knocking and our 2014 becomes a REALITY it is time to kick our asses into gear. Around this time of year {which also happens to be my birthday} I reflect, I mean SERIOUSLY reflect on what the heck I did all year long. I feel 2013 was a great year for me, I planted seeds, I took initiative, put myself OUT THERE, got some kick ASS opportunities and learned to kick FEAR in the ass! Fear can really HOLD you back and I am blessed to have come by some awesome books that set me into GAME TIME and out of my old habit of talking myself out of my great ideas.

Motivational Monday: Fitness Affirmation for Vitality

Affirmation for Vitality

Vitality (NOUN): the state of being strong and active; energy.

Working out gives me energy, it empowers me to get through my day and gives me the strength to be independent. I am able to throw around my groceries, move furniture, and run miles all because I take 30-45 minutes a day to get my body in motion.

Speaking of vitality..

Marvelous in My Monday..

(Thank you to the fabulous Diva over at Healthy Diva Eats for making MONDAY MARVELOUS <3)


Every Sunday (unless I am out of town), I host a bootcamp for the Babes of Bangkok! This past Sunday was the first time I did it for charity. Before I would host the bootcamp, meet some awesome gals and if you are a fitness junkie like myself you may understand me when I say this, I get a high training others..

I started evaluating my year, my faults, my strengths, my weaknesses, “ladela” and I said to myself I have been receiving so much LOVE and I have yet to give back to those in need. So instead of hosting my weekly bootcamp for free, I have decided to do it for charity!

This photo below shows how awesome the group felt after completing one of my workouts! I was so proud of them and to know we did it all for a great cause makes me that much more excited to show up every Sunday and teach my heart out!

Bangkok Bootcamp

Look at those babes… #SWEATisHOT <3

I am so excited to announce a project I have been working on for all of you guys! As part of my launch this year of my Star in 10 Challenge, I wanted to add a workout program to amp up results and incorporate that into the lifestyle change the Star in 10 is set up for. If you would like to join and are not signed up for my mailing list be sure to sign up on the right hand side and if you want to add the meal plan for an added bonus just click HERE to purchase the meal plan.


 SO I wanna know..

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  • Are you going to give back this year? There are SO many ways you can GIVE besides monetary, think serving food, giving clothes, cooking, handing out food donations, hanging out with old folks and at hospitals..I knew a girl in college who brought her puppy to the children’s hospital every other weekend so that the kids who were very sick could have a bit of joy put into the day!




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