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If you watched my Spooky October Haul (if you missed it click here),  you saw I had just finished reading what became my book of the year, The Happiness Project. Reading the book I was intrigued with Gretchen, the author, and how she was able to come up with different activities every month to create a happier and even healthier life for herself. After finishing the book, I decided that every month I would do something to better myself, I am already happy so the immediate goal of “happiness” was not of huge interest but bettering myself was.

November I decided I wanted to get out and experience nature more often. Living in LA, I had Runyon Canyon to explore and hike with girlfriends on the weekends so before moving to Bangkok I did this weekly. Living in a huge smog cloud has not only changed my skins texture but has me craving the “greeness” of trees and plants. It is funny how things are as I had been wanting to explore a greener side of Thailand and my friend Anna (check out her blog HERE) had tweeted about “The Green Lung.” I immediately tweeted her and was like HEY GIRL, HEY TAKE ME! Sometimes the universe just delivers like that..

Courtney Bentley, Fitness Blogger, Diet Tricks and Skinny Recipes

Motivational Monday: Nature Affirmation:

Courtney Bentley, fitness blogger, healthy living and skinny recipes My eco-chic adventure on Saturday made me come to realize how beautiful nature is, how the scent of fresh plants arouses my senses and how much I enjoy being in nature.

Before I get to into details, I have decided to join the MIMM Link Up Party:

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My Saturday was..

Bangkok Green Lung

Exploring what mother nature has given us, showing appreciation and feeling so eco-chic..

Bangkok Green Lung

Hanging out with home slice..

Bangkok Green Lung

Breathing fresh air..

Fitness Blogger, Lifestyle blog

Walking through the greens..

Fitness Blogger, Lifestyle blog

The beauty of butterflies..

bangkok green lung

and laughs with a friend..

bangkok green lung

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So I wanna know..

  • How do you explore nature? Are you a eco-chic type chick?
  • Are you adventurous?




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